Gaming Charity Extra Life Hit With DDOS Attack

There are jerks, and then there a nuclear-sized jerks who need to be kicked in the face, and this morning the latter revealed themselves by attempting to take down a charity devoted to helping sick children. Gaming charity Extra Life 2013, an event benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, was subjected to a DDOS attack earlier today that brought the official site down and interrupted the ongoing live stream.

The Charity, in which participating gamers raise money from sponsors by attempting to play video games for 24 straight hours, has raised more than a combined $2 million since launching in 2008. This morning’s attack, which happened around 9:00 AM Pacific time, brought the site down for approximately an hour. Here’s the statement posted to the Extra Life Facebook page this afternoon confirming the attack:

UPDATE: the cause of our downtime has been determined, Extra Life was subjected to a DDoS attack earlier this morning. Please read this important note from Jeromy:

Dear friends,

We’ve discovered that the Extra Life website experienced a DDoS attack against our datacenter. I am not sure what kind of person would DDoS a charitable initiative.

I am so sorry that you are going through this frustration today. Our entire team is purely heartbroken that someone would do this. But it has happened.

As frustrating as this is for everyone involved, it pales in comparison to what the kids we’re trying to save go through. That reality, for me personally, is about the only thing keeping me somewhat calm right now.

I am very angry and very sorry. You deserve better than this. The kids deserve better than this. Extra Life has given a lot of us some of the happiest moments in our lives.

This is not one of those moments.

Please hang with us through this.

It is important that we spread the word. Please get on every form of social media you can and tell your friends what happened. We can overcome this together.

Be ready to make up for lost time and share the news when we go live!

Jeromy “Doc” Adams

The event has since been streamed without further interruption; the live stream can be viewed here.

What else can be said other than “who attacks a children’s charity?” Assholes, that’s who.

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6 Comments on Gaming Charity Extra Life Hit With DDOS Attack


On November 2, 2013 at 5:43 pm

I have to wonder who wakes up in the morning and decides to actively be a gigantic d-bag?


On November 2, 2013 at 7:54 pm

A “kick in the face”? No, I’d rather their future children die of a horrible disease while they rot impotently in prison cell.


On November 3, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Another one of these annoying charity things? *sigh*

Can people get a clue and uh, start separating their donations from their gaming? Yes whoever did this was a jerk but at the same time people…why do we need games to raise funds. That can be done independently. And this, is the reason why.

If it was separate, no haxor or whatever could have done what they did. Yea, it’s all for the ‘good cause’ and whatnot feel good, but honestly I rather donate to a charity I know than something under something as raunchy as gaming. Especially when there’s videogames that have players murder uh, other YOUNGER players kapesh?


On November 3, 2013 at 6:44 pm

I’d probably cripple whoever did it if I met them, out of sheer rage. A sort of poetic justice, I guess. I’m sure it’s better that the police handle it. And much as I hate to admit it, Josen has a point. Gaming is filled (FILLED) with debauched images and activities, not to mention that it puts the ‘violence’ in “ultra-violence”. It is the LAST thing that should be associated with children’s charities. Now if there were more games like Night Sky, or like Castles In The Sky, or Fez (at least all the bits I’ve played so far), then we’d have enough material for a charity marathon!! Go to it games designers!! (And if we had a Night Sky speedrunning marathon, that wouldn’t be so bad either)


On November 3, 2013 at 7:19 pm

I maintain that it’s precisely this type of jacka@sery which is the principle contributor to ongoing legislative efforts to censor A) games and B) the internet in general. Yes, conduct like this is imbecilic and juvenile on its face, and the individual(s) responsible are certainly deserving of a solid kick to the face on that basis alone.
The problem is, when stories like this filter out to CNN, it just further reinforces the social stereotype of gamers as complete d-bags. And as has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history, society has few qualms about restricting rights and priviledges of social elements deemed to be comprised of d-bags. Things like this are absolutely enraging, because they’re entirely self-inflicted wounds.


On November 4, 2013 at 7:50 am


Fundraisers have many different shapes and sizes. As far as I know its the first to ask a group of people (gamers) to come together, get people to donate to kids (100% to Children’s Miracle Network). As for games, you are assuming everyone plays fps or killing games. The challenge for most is to play, 25 hours solid. I have done this now for 2 years. Last year was all video games, with at least 6 hours taken up by not killing people, but by Rock Band Endless Set List. And it covers all forms of games, so play basketball all day, or board games, or poker, or anything, just do it all day and get people to sponsor you. It started as video games and has grown. This year they raised over 3 mill.

And to say that a hacker could not bring down a site is not correct. It they wanted to, they could have done it to the Red Cross or anyone with a website, if they so choose to. They did it because they could and for “notoriety”.

It seems like you think it might be alright for someone to hack someone elses things? Please correct me if I am wrong about that.