Gaming Today File-N-Forget Podcast Episode 9: Battlefield Quake


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This week in Episode 9: Battlefield Quake, Ron and Shawn discuss the latest Quake game – Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and compare it to the Battlefield series in good and bad ways. Can this multiplayer entry in the Quake series live up to the ET pedigree?

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6 Comments on Gaming Today File-N-Forget Podcast Episode 9: Battlefield Quake


On October 19, 2007 at 7:04 pm

I never played BF2, but I did 1942, V and 2142…so can someone explain to me why there’s so much beef at 2142? I liked it, it was and still is good fun (decided to play some other games till the 1.40 patch comes out) but I just can’t understand why so many people seem to dislike it.

Right, that aside, main point. I was interested in getting it as I thought it would be something and discovering my graphics card falls just below reach (9600, 100 off) I came away and to be honest, didn’t feel annoyed or upset or disgruntled or anything along those lines. What I mean by this is, there was nothing for me to really say “Joel, go to the PC shop, upgrade your card and then go and get this game, it’s worth it.” It was more along the lines of, “Well, you COULD go and upgrade your card…or you could not.”

There was absolutely no push to get this game. There has been little to no advertising, its release has been overshadowed by many other big games (that game, Orange Box etc.) and the only news I’ve seen about it is either on here or scarecily on 1up (or any other games site). Fact is, I don’t think the game will do well purely because not many people probably know it exists.


On October 20, 2007 at 4:29 am

ET Quake Wars is a good concept. And quite possibly a very decent game to play. The thing is – as Joelton7 told us – the lack of advertisement. I mean, lets take a look at Halo 3… Now I don’t really care if all of you Halo fans will gather round and will throw stuff at me, I just want to say that Halo 3′s success is at least 70% because of all the hype. Its the hype that makes people interested in the game. Let’s be honest: is Halo 3 REALLY the ultimate game of the year? I don’t know about the consoles, but here, in the PC world – definitely NOT. It’s all the hype…

But as for Enemy Territory, I think that the game will find its fans, and I might even be one of em, because I have been a Quake fan from the start.

Shawn Sines

On October 20, 2007 at 7:32 am

ET is a fun multiplayer game, and honestly I think you both have a point here about the advertising. Though I have seen a few ads for the game – none of them are actually paid for by Activision- they are Gamestop ads. I know I saw them on ESPN HD, G4 and Cartoon network during Adult Swim.

Its a shame though because ET:QW has decent requirements (I don’t mean to be picky but anything less than a 9800 is too old these days and you can buy a decent card on generation newer for less than $100 US – I’m not sure what the GB price is). The gameplay is very team and objective oriented overall – which makes it a good LAN game.

I don’t detest 2142, I own all of the Battlefield games, I just find that 2142 has some balance problems centered around the vehicle usage and the experience system that was carried over from BF 2 keeps new players at a disadvantage because they only get starting weapons and abilities while vets get better choices due to experience and that can quickly lead to one sided matches.

I think TF2 and Halo 3 are overshadowing a lot, and we just have too many titles all appearing at the same time this year – which is good for some but bad for most of the developers and publishers. The irony is that it is an artificial, industry created crisis all centered around the holiday season.


On October 20, 2007 at 7:56 am

It gives the idea that we only playing games immediately after summer and immediately after christmas…which hazard to say, isn’t entirely right. I can agree with you though on the aspect of of over-shadowing and system requirements. I’m not saying I intend to live off this absolute-middle system I have here, but whilst new games are coming out that can still support it, I can’t quite see the reason to get a new one. Heck, I think even UT3 will run on this PC (on low, but I don’t really care about that). [Also, $100 = roughly £50, which isn’t a whole lot, to be honest, especially considering this was bought just shy of 2 years ago now).

I can also entirely agree with you on the aspect of skill/experience/items of BF2142. My immediate thought when playing was “wow, this is all pretty even.” Considering I got it day of release in this country, I got to see the evolution of the game when people unlocked more things. Sufficed to say, before a lot more detection, the Spec Ops route for Recon was a real blast…literally. I just don’t see where balance issues come into it. Unlike CnC3, which has balance issues coming out of its ears, nothing in that game strikes me as giving one person and unfair advantage over another, apart from the experience as mentioned previously. If anything, I think the two sides are a little samey in what they can do and is a prime example of your notion in the podcast of “two sides with re-skinned models that are the same”.

When I eventually upgrade this PC (likely starting with a ram boost up to 1gb) I’ll likely have a higher priority with the graphics over other things, but at the mo, it isn’t that much of a consideration. With Orange Box, CnC3, BF2142 and all the other games I play on here, the need to get new games and worry about graphics isn’t too high. It’s the same notion with the consoles I guess.

Ron Whitaker

On October 20, 2007 at 8:09 am

The thing that made BF2 and 2142 inferior to my mind was the emphasis both games placed on vehicles, and the overwhelming advantage an experienced player could gain while in a vehicle.

I’ve always played an infantry role in ladder and league teams in Battlefield games, and after the release of BF2, my role felt more like a useless appendage than an integral part of a team.

While there are vehicles in ETQW, they’re fewer in number than in the Battlefield games, and there are numerous methods of dealing with them, from squad weapons to deployables.

I think this game will pull its players as time goes on. Once the hype of Halo and other games dies down, you’ll see folks migrating over.


On October 20, 2007 at 10:31 am

I can run this game at 10 fps!!!

there’s a 30 minute video of the beta on my youtube, which you’ll have access to by clicking on my name.