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Gaming Today Reviews ‘Arkadian Warriors’ XBLA

Arkadian Warriors

Xbox Live Arcade was in desperate need of a more diversified list of genres. Dungeon crawlers are definitely a type of genre needed to boost appeal for the arcade. Wanako Studios delivered us a winner with Assault Heroes, so the bar was set high for this game.

Wanako’s description of the game follows. Read our full review to see if it’s a realistic description.

Ready to release the warrior within?

Arkadian Warriors, the action-adventure game that spans treacherous dungeons where players embark on a trek of unimaginable proportions filled with countless enemies and powerful bosses has just been released for Xbox Live Arcade. Developed by Wanako Studios, the award-winning creators of Assault Heroes™, Arkadian Warriors allows players to fight in epic solo battles or join forces with a friend in the intense multiplayer co-operative mode – online over Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network or locally on the same system.

Arkadian Warriors for the XBLA has received a wide array of reviews in the past week. Part of this is due to the fact that reviewers are forgetting that it’s a $10 game. You have to keep in mind that you can purchase games on the arcade at the same cost as Arkadian Warriors six times for the price of one regular 360 game.

With that said, Arkadian Warriors is a unique game for the arcade. We desperately needed an RPG/Dungeon Crawler and finally got one. This game is basically a compact version of a typical RPG game. When you first load up the game, check out the tutorials. Wanako put together one of the best tutorial sections I have ever seen on an XBLA title.

You have the choice of playing as an archer, solider or sorcerer. The classes are extremely simple and there’s no need to explain anything here. There are some slight differences in the classes, but they are pretty much self explanatory for anyone who has ever played an RPG or adventure game of any kind. Each character has a regular attack, magic attack and a special attack where you transform into your animalistic alter ego. You may want to save your animal attacks for the bosses. The game is fairly straight forward, but offers some challenge, particularly in boss battles.

The weapon system is simple and there’s a store to purchase weapons, armor and items to customize your character a bit. Although it’s not extensive, it’s enough for this type of game. The actual missions become a bit repetitive in the game. After a couple hours, it will seem like you are simply playing fetch mission after fetch mission. However; ten dollars isn’t a lot to spend on this title.

Presentation: 9
The presentation is nearly perfect with Arkadian Warriors. The game is extremely easy to pick up, even for people who have never played RPGs in the past. The menus are all easy to navigate and you will find very few issues with presentation.

Graphics: 8
The game looks great for an XBLA title. The graphics aren’t what I’d call stellar, but they are better than most titles in the arcade.

Sound: 7
The sound for AW is good. There’s nothing that really sticks out in this category as great or bad.

Gameplay: 7
Arkadian Warriors shines with it’s super simple interface and user-friendly gameplay. The tutorials are great, although not entirely needed. It only takes about 10 minutes to master the controls of this title without tutorials. The area of gameplay that suffers is the repetitiveness of the game. Cooperative and online-cooperative play can help make it a little more interesting, but not by much.

Replayability: 6
The repetitiveness simply makes this a game you would beat once and probably not play too often afterwards. If you are one of those achievement addicts, the achievements here are really easy to get, so that could add some replay value.

Overall: 7.5
Overall, this is a great minerature RPG title. For 800 MP, it provides hours of fun and you really can’t ask for much more out of the price. What kept the game from being rater higher was primarily the repetitive nature. We look forward to more titles from Wanako in the future.

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3 Comments on Gaming Today Reviews ‘Arkadian Warriors’ XBLA


On December 19, 2007 at 2:02 pm

I like the game, so 7.5 is a little low, but justifiable.


On December 19, 2007 at 2:55 pm

compared to most sites, our scores tend to be a little lower. You’ll rarely see an 8 or above from me.


On December 19, 2007 at 3:50 pm

Its pretty fun game, i downloaded the full version and like it says the online multiplayer makes it more fun, also for only $10. “what do you want, Jam on it”?