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nostalgia-fob-495x433Maybe I’m dating myself a little, but I can remember classic turn-based RPGs well enough that I get a little offended when I hear myself call them classics. (Does that mean I’m officially old now?) It’s a genre that I’ve gotten away from in years past, as I moved into shooters, MMORPGs, and other types of games. So I am sure you’ll forgive my skepticism of a little game I got my hands on last week, Nostalgia for the Nintendo DS. After all, how well will a classic, turn-based JRPG appeal to me now?

Well, to my great surprise, it appeals to me quite a bit. While Nostalgia is a new IP, its level design and programming were done by Matrix, the same development team responsible for Final Fantasy III and IV on the Nintendo DS. The game runs quite smoothly, but don’t expect anything in the graphics and sound to leap out at you as groundbreaking. The perspective remains in top down, and since the game is in 3D, this limits the area you can see by quite a bit.

nostalgia_2Of course, we don’t play turn-based RPGs for graphics, so let’s talk gameplay. Much like Final Fantasy IX, you’ll control up to four characters in your party, and you’ll keep the same characters for the entire game. Each character has a specific weapon, so the decision of who gets what items is always fairly straightforward.

You’ll travel an alternate past, circa the late 19th century. As Eddie, the son of famed adventurer Gilbert Brown, you’ll take up the mantle of adventurer when your father disappears. Whether completing quests for the Adventurer’s Guild, or following the trail or your father, you’ll travel the world in an airship outfitted with guns, a cannon, and an enormous blade on the prow to visit cities and dungeons throughout the world. Beginning in London, you’ll visit Cairo, Cape Town, and a host of other real world cities.

nostalgia_3Combat is exactly as you’d expect, with random battles popping up as you walk through dungeons. Something new is the random battles that pop up while you are flying your airship. These airship battles are interesting, requiring you to compensate for weather, as well as rewarding you for using the proper weapon for each way you are facing. A number of special attacks and spells are available, with some characters focusing on magic, and others on melee.

Overall, Nostalgia is simply fun. I enjoyed getting back to the roots of a classic turn-based RPG, and there is a ton of content to explore. Along with the main quest, you can revisit old dungeons to complete quests and seek out world treasures that can be turned in for gadgets to arm your characters.

If you’re a fan of turn-based RPG’s, you should definitely check Nostalgia out. It’s worth your time, and a worthy successor to the lineage of the classic turn-based RPG’s of the past. One thing is for sure, it definitely lives up to its name.

Gaming Today gives Nostalgia an 8.5/10.

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