Gears of War 3 – RAAM’s Shadow DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Evacuation
  • Darkness Spreads
  • Hide and Seek
  • Under The Shadow
  • Kryllstorm
  • Evacuation

    Chapter One: Evacuation

    1. We need a term for a prequel that is an expansion. Anyone?
    2. Most players of GOW are naturally curious about how it all started, and now you can at least see a little part of it. You start this adventure just after E-Day, with a new squad and some familiar faces.
    3. Your adventure starts with the biggest damn e-hole you’ve ever seen. You’ll hear a boomer before you see him, so be prepared. Almost immediately you’ll be directed to get on a turret, so get moving!
    4. Note the command center to your left as you climb up the turret. There’s also a Longshot on your right, which is handy. Hang on to it. As soon as you’re on the Troika, the heavy attacks start. Take out everything you see, as fast as you can, and look for another big challenger to drop in. Look for an attack from the left, and then the turret will be down. Hold out against the insurgents until your comm says it’s time to get serious. Go to the command center to unleash the hammer.
    5. This hammer is old fashioned, so you’ll be aiming from overhead in a kind of IR vision. Simply target the bugs and get it done.
    6. Head to your left and out a gate to move on. When you reach the mass of cars, look for a big gate on your right. Follow the path through another gate to a garden area. Some exciting stuff will happen off to your left, and then proceed up the stairs to see some Wretches run by.
    7. Enter the gate if you want some ammo, otherwise, hang a right. When you enter another garden, look for a hole, throw a grenade, and then take out the Wretches and a few grubs. Kick a desk out of your way to proceed. You’ll enter a large courtyard, with lots of grubs. Look for snipers on roofs to your right and drop them stat.
    8. After you clear the area, you’ll find what’s left of Echo Squad. Then hunker down for some rough fighting. To the left of the bank entrance an e-hole will open, then to the right, and then behind you. The first has some snipers and shotgun bugs, the second has heavier guys, and the third has Guards coming out of it. After that, two boomers and two bloodmounts will break through. Keep ammo handy.
    9. After that, enter the bank. Head into the door on the left with a blue security panel, then through another similar door on the right. That will open the access to the vault. On the next level, follow the hall, hang a right, and get ready for Wretches backed up by one grub. Then head down another flight of stairs to the vault. On the landing before the descent, look to your right for ammo.
    10. Enter the vault after Jack hacks it, and expect a wave of Wretches. After that, an e-hole will open to your right, and then another to your left, through a door. Scorchers will be all over the place, so keep your wits about you. When I played, my compatriots had a habit of falling into the e-holes and dying, so close them fast. Remember, with Scorchers, aim for the backpack and get away before the fireworks. When the room is clear, head to the vault and open it.

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