Gears of War 3 – RAAM’s Shadow DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Evacuation
  • Darkness Spreads
  • Hide and Seek
  • Under The Shadow
  • Kryllstorm
  • Darkness Spreads

    Chapter Two: Darkness Spreads

    1. Move up the stairs to cue a cutscene and change sides!
    2. As RAAM you can stab, but your primary attack is the Krill cloud, holding the left trigger to targer and unleashing it with the right. Keep it going for a kill. Use it to clear out the next area, as you can’t move on while a human lives. The B button is your knife swing, and hold it for a stabbing charge. Look for a troika on the right. Another crew of humans will show up next. Another wave will follow after orders from the queen. Keep the defense going until the Seeder is released.
    3. Head into a tunnel, kill the humans and the queen will warn you of snipers. Use the Krill to drop them first, and watch the chopper come down soon after. Head toward the radar point next and shove a van out of the way to proceed.
    4. The second verse is the same as the first, hold off the humans until the Seeder rises. When that happens, a gate will open to the next area with two foot soldiers and a guy in a mech. Two Krill attacks will dice the dude in the mech, allowing you to move on to three more soldiers and a man on a troika. After that, bash through the wall to move on.
    5. More of the same through the gate, if you come toe to toe with a mech, hit it with your knife and run away when it starts to burn as it will explode. Look for more of the same, soldiers will continue to come in while the hammer Berserker summons the Seeder.
    6. After that, you’re back with the squad. Follow the path and bust out the door to get into the open. Hope you kept your Longshot, because there are two snipers ahead and above. An e-hole is there as well, so close it as quick as you can. Move on just a little bit and you’ll come under mortar fire. Snipe them out. As you reach the next section, you will face two e-holes and a couple of boomers. Keep your head down and keep firing.
    7. Open the gate to reach the next section. Are you now going to attempt to undo everything RAAM just did? Bet your ass. Head through two doors into the next section, look all the way along the wall to your left for Boomshots, and aim for the pillars ahead of you to take out the Seeders. Locust will attack while you do so, but if you’re not on too hard a difficulty, your team will take them out. A Brumak comes to join the party next, so hang onto that Boomshot.

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