Gears of War 3 – RAAM’s Shadow DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Evacuation
  • Darkness Spreads
  • Hide and Seek
  • Under The Shadow
  • Kryllstorm
  • Hide And Seek

    Chapter Three: Hide and Seek

    1. Follow the Evac Checkpoint signs to the entrance of the school. Open the door, and then head to the left to climb into the building. Hop out an open window and the follow the outside hall to another open window, and re-enter the building. Follow the checkpoint to a dead end and a comm signal. Then go back toward where you came in on the inside of the building, and move the obstacles to keep going.
    2. Kick open a door to move on, and hang a left down a hall. Follow the radar points to a closed door and then an open one. Head through another double door and hang a left to move down the hall. Keep going to a room with a switch. There will be a tense moment when you enter, then move to the switch and throw it. This will lead you back out to where you started, and now you can move downstairs.
    3. At the bottom of the stairs the crew will turn right. There is ammo to the left if you need it. Then there’s a wave of Wretches. They come in from the fenced-off area Jack breaks open, and when you get rid of them he’ll open up the next gate. Just back into a corner so they can’t sneak up on you and it’s not too challenging.
    4. Keep going until you hit daylight and then get ready for some heavy fighting. There is an uber sniper up above you, armed with a One Shot, and after the first wave of grubs, you’ll face two berserkers, and then three e-holes will open up all over the place. If you don’t have grenades, it’ll take a while to clear. No heavier bad guys, thankfully. After the sniper is dead, feel free to grab his gun to lay waste to the grubs if you can get past the berserkers.
    5. Head up past where the sniper was, and into the building. Follow the radar point to an office, and after you bust it open, another Wretcher wave comes. Again, grab a corner and get ready to reload fast.
    6. Follow the radar points to the cafeteria. Here you’ll face three waves of tickers. The first two are the proto tickers, who don’t do a lot of damage, but the explosive kind start showing up in the third wave. The tables make shooting them a pain in the ass. Make your way through the maze of tables, letting your teammates keep the bugs down. At the end, Jack will create another path.
    7. Turn the next corner, and at the end of this room is an e-hole, which lets out some therons and other grubs, and expect a small wave of tickers as well. Sniping will help a bit, but mostly you just have to stay on top of the number of grubs in the relatively small area. Two more grubs will burst out of the next room when you get there.
    8. Move into the room past the projector room, and get ready for things to be creepy. Enter the main locker room and follow the radar point. That brings a very challenging fight. You will face two serapedes, remember, shoot them from the tail end first. You may not see the second right away, and he’ll get you while you’re shooting the first. Then a berserker joins the fray, and then some loose grubs. Good times.
    9. In the gym, chainsaw the two crates blocking the right section of the bleachers, then throw the switch, and use the stairs to ascend. Then a mama berserker will join the fight. Lure her into the metal boxes blocking the bleachers, then extend them. Head up the stairs again, head to the right and unblock your path. After that, you’ll face mama again. Use the cars and particularly the tanker to keep her lit up and glowy, and unload on her.

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