Gears of War 3 – RAAM’s Shadow DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Evacuation
  • Darkness Spreads
  • Hide and Seek
  • Under The Shadow
  • Kryllstorm
  • Under The Shadow

    Chapter Four: Under the Shadow

    1. You’re back in RAAM’s big boots again, and clearing out the humans. There are a few troikas and some heavy weapons involved, so even though it’s slower, using the blade rather than the kryll will be helpful here. Then, once again, it’s guard duty while the Thumper does his thing.
    2. The next section features lots of grenadiers and a mech, but if you don’t get too far ahead of your troops, it’s still pretty easy. Bust through the wall to continue. In the next section there is a troika, a mech, and guys with flamers, who will make things difficult, very quickly. After that, reinforcements will drop in behind you and some more will enter in from up front. Expect a couple of mechs, and several foot soldiers, but it’s easier than when you came through the wall.
    3. Now we’re back with Zeta. Move forward, bust open the gate, gather ammo, then hang a left. You’ll see a wave of tickers first. Then two e-holes will open up, one on the left and another on the right. Keep grenades handy. Then the building ahead of you will break open and a boomer will come out with two pet Wretches.
    4. Head into the garage, open the gate, and then hang a left up the ramp. You’ll come to a burned out area with a scorcher still in evidence, reinforced by a pack of grubs. The entry to the next ramp will burst open with three grubs, and you can move up. The next level features another burner, and grubs all over the place. Once the first wave is mostly down, look for a boomer to come from the far corner. When he’s gone, you can shove a car down the next ramp to take out at least one of an upcoming pair of boomers. At the bottom of the ramp hit the button to open the gate and move on.
    5. As tradition dictates, the path will split. From the rooftops you offer cover, from the ground you’re in it hip deep. Choose accordingly. The grub wave isn’t as bad as the characters say it is, but keep your eyes open for an e-hole. After the first wave is cleared and you meet up again, two more e-holes will open, the second around the corner, after a bloodmount attacks. Fortunately there is a mulcher nearby.
    6. Follow the radar to enter the building, which should look very familiar, and then proceed up the stairs to the next door. Head towards the big shiny door to city hall.
    7. In the courtyard of the city hall, you’ll see some grubs ahead of you, but don’t get too distracted, as there are Wretches about. As soon as you clean off the patio area at the far end, get down there. There is a vulcan cannon, and you’re gonna need it. Two e-holes open in the courtyard, along with two crypts on either side opening up with grenadiers in them. It’s a long fight, coming in stages, so be ready and armed. Finally, a gate on the right, facing the courtyard from the raise area, opens and a boomer and a grinder join the fray. After they’re done, finish mopping up. Will two reavers show up after that? Yes they will. Will it be a pain? Also yes. They attack and then fly, so keep moving when they’re in the air, and let them have it when they’re stationary.
    8. Now you can enter the city hall. Head all the way around for some grenades, then break through the door into the entry hall. A grinder will come from either side of the stairs, along with a few grubs, and then a wave will come from the top of the stairs, including snipers, Therons and another grinder. Once clear, head up the stairs and to the right. There will be a library type room with another batch of grubs, and through that, the hammer controls.
    9. After laying down the hurt with the hammer, where you just only have to kill three seeders, you’ll be brought back to the action. The grubs are in the library, throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink. When the room is clear, follow the radar to a door and find your way outside.
    10. Follow the path to an alley and some barbed wire. Move on until you see grubs, move up and then down, and grab the mech to move on. Use it to pick up a shield and then follow the path indicated. The shield will cover you. Follow the path and STAY in the elevated section as long as you can, that is, as long as your ammo lasts. An e-hole will emerge then ongoing waves of guys including Therons, some boomers, a grinder, you name it. There is a mortar to use, and otherwise, have a sniper rifle handy or grab a boomshot as soon as you can.
    11. When things are finally cleared out, follow directions and activate the crane. Enjoy a monster cutscene, and the end of the chapter.

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