Gears of War 3 – RAAM’s Shadow DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Evacuation
  • Darkness Spreads
  • Hide and Seek
  • Under The Shadow
  • Kryllstorm
  • Kryllstorm

    Chapter Five: Kryllstorm

    1. You’re in the thick of it now. Three e-holes will open up, one after the other, in this big courtyard and it is easy to get distracted and surrounded. You’ll note a big guy that is clearly on his way to you, and once the area is cleared, two big doors will burst open and more grubs will join the fight. They will be joined by two mauler elites. It’s easiest to let your teammates distract them and shoot them from behind. When that’s clear, continue toward the orphanage, and in case you need a reminder, gather ammo.
    2. Head into the building, through a kickable door, and then you’ll chainsaw another one. Now you’re in an area with a floor glowing with ooze and here you face off against the big Theron. He’ll absorb some fire, then pop open a kryll shield and run away. Each time another wave of grubs will join the party. Be patient, fire at him whenever you get the chance, and clear the other grubs in between stat.
    3. Head up the new ramp. There is an opening beside the big door where you can find some grenades. Otherwise, pop the door and continue. Climb the ladder inside after stocking up, and welcome to the party.
    4. You finally make it to the orphanage. Clear out the street, head to the barricade, and then RAMM returns on his pet reaver. Unfortunately, he also brings reinforcements in the shape of six e-holes, which open up periodically and distract you from the main job of killing him. He also has his kryll shield, which makes him hard to hit, he throws it at you, which kills you fast, and the throws ink bombs.
    5. Focus on the e-holes first, there is a limit to them, and once they’re done you can focus on RAAM. You’ll know you have him on the ropes when he shifts to another building. He’ll throw his shield, then throw three ink bombs, and that’s your opening. It takes some doing, especially since the ink bombs and the kryll are hefty attacks, so movement is vital.
    6. RAAM comes down to the ground, and now e-holes will start opening up inside the orphanage yard. One will be on the left, and two on the right, at least. At the same time, RAAM will throw ink grenades and throw his kryll. As ever, when the kryll are gone, headshots will bring him up short.
    7. Next RAAM brings in two reavers. They’re ugly, and your AI teammates will take a beating, but they’re not too tough to get past. Then RAAM comes back, on your level, and his reaver is aggro, stabbing you with its legs. Keep your distance, fire when he’s vulnerable, and keep after him. After he takes some damage, he will start doing fly-bys, largely with his shield down, but it can be hard to get a bead on him. Hitting him enough during this phase will bring his reaver down again. And that is that. Not for RAAM of course, we all remember him, but for this expansion pack.

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