Gears of War 3 Walkthrough

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  • Chapter Five

    1. Now you have two fetch quests to get the boat back on line. The maintenance bay for a part or the dockyard for fuel.
    2. When you enter the dockyard, you get a chance to load up on ammo first. Take advantage of it. Once you’re through the door, there’s a number of heavy grubs, including one on a Troika, and once the action heats up, some tickers join the party as well. Stay back, and if you’re smart you’ll bring a Longshot.
    3. Once the room is clear, load up on guns, bring your friends, and head into the next room. Here you’ll reach the docks themselves, where you’ll face a lot of grubs, including some mounted ones, before assaulting the ship. You’ll need to run to the far end of the dock to throw a switch to move the rap to board the ship. Once on board, clear it out, and move to the crane control room in back.
    4. Now the bad guys will attack you on the ship, so the mounted gun comes in very handy. Two more mounted drones are gonna join the fun, as well as two reavers and a set of guards. On the harder difficulties, this will be brutal, but on normal it’s not too rough. Then return to the room next to the crane control to get the gas into the sub.
    5. Before you get the rotor you need, load up again. A shotgun might come in handy. As soon as you’re into the next room, there’s a very heavy wave of Wretches, so don’t actually enter the room. Stand in the space before the warehouse opens up and pick them off. Some tickers are thrown in for good measure. Then look right, as the warehouse doors open, and things get hot.
    6. There are a few guards, and after them you’ll see two turrets. There are two conveniently placed artillery carts that you can shove to take out the turrets, and some floating tickers will get thrown into the mix. Move down the ramp and through the door on the left. Inside is an elevator that will take you to the top.
    7. As soon as you’re off the elevator, the space on your right will need your attention. There’s a big selection here, including a Boomer, a Grinder, a Kantus up top, lots of guards, and just when you get them all mopped up, a gas bag moves in with more guards. If you’re on the spot, one or two grenades will take out most of the guards as they drop in from the air, as they all land close together.
    8. Jace will point out the maintenance area, so follow his lead, and there you’ll find a drydocked ship. On it is a Berserker and a couple of guards. When they’re out of the way, another wave comes. Up on top of the ship is the rotor and the loader for carrying it. Pick it up, head toward the door, and then through another door.
    9. Out here you come under attack by a few guards and another Berserker. Then a reaver drops in. Fortunately, there’s a boomshot just sitting around, so he’s easy to drop. Then, return to the loader and head for the next door. One more door and you meet up with Dizzy.
    10. Now you have to escort the sub forward. You’ll come in on a catwalk on the left side, with a guard or two, and you’re in a great position to drop the Boomer and Grinder on the floor. Once that’s clear, now it’s your turn to cover the floor, and your teammates will go up on the catwalk to your right.
    11. Clear the next area, which is a bit less challenging, and then through the last door, you get a nice big fat array of heavy drones. Some flying tickers and a reaver join the party for good measure. Up in the office on the top left is a Vulcan, and on the catwalk in the middle of the space is a Oneshot. Both are very helpful at this point. There’s also a decent amount of ammo lying around. And you’ll need it.
    12. If you didn’t use the Oneshot, bring it with you. Because now you face the armored Kantus. That means he can ressurrect the guards you kill, and he’s only vulnerable to explosions. A boomshot or a bow will help to no end. They run, the roll, and they use double Gorgon pistols. More guards, another serapede, and one more for good measure. But that’s all. No problem by now, I’m sure!
    13. ACHIEVEMENT: For retrieving the sub, you get the Baird’s Favorite Kind of Toy achievement for 10 points.

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    On September 15, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    OMG these videos are riddled with thpoilers!


    On September 19, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Awesome! This walkthrough is hot linked and will be invaluable during my 1st playthru. great job!!


    On September 22, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    What if i beat the game and didnt get the “Ain’t My First Rodeo” achievement? did i do something wrong


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    On September 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    God that voice over guy is annoying as hell. He makes the videos unwatchable, especially when he tries to make his voice sound all macho and manly. He sounds like a little boy who’s trying to talk like the characters in the game.