Gears of War 3 Walkthrough

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  • Chapter Two

    1. Jump into the elevator and hit the switch. When the elevator stops, run out to your left and prepare for a wave of wretches. When they’re done, head straight forward, following the star path, and prepare for a few guards. Follow the radar to a set of ladders you can take up.
    2. Once you enter the next section, be prepared for two Reavers in a row, plus assorted other guys. Heavy guns help to no end. As you move around the bend, you’ll see the Maelstrom tower and a new group of enemies. They’re not a challenge, but they end with an armored Kantus, so remember the explosives! When you’re done you’ll hit another elevator.
    3. As soon as you get off the elevator, there’s a few guards to deal with. Unfortunately there’s little enough space there that your crew can get in your way. When they’re down, a flamethrower boomer will come in from the right.
    4. In the next section, you’ll face some drones and two flamers, and around the corner another drone and ANOTHER flamer. Aim for the tanks to save yourself some hassle. Keep moving and you get to turn off the Maelstrom generator. There are three switches. One is right head of you. One is far past that, and one is deeper in the guts of the generator. Two flamers are in here, too, in addition to some other guards, so be careful. Once the generator is down, follow the star guide.
    5. Now it’s time to kill the coolant to the generator. Once you reach the top of the stairs, prepare for some sneaky BS. There’s a guard hiding in the steam ahead of you. The first valve is right behind him. Once you move to the right, another group of guards will break open the windows and fire at you. One good grenade can clear them. Move around the circle and a grinder will show up and when he’s done, there’s another valve behind you.
    6. When you move to the stairs to go down, more windows will crash open with guards, so stay at this elevated position to clear them both. Then head down to find more valves. On the middle floor, you meet an armored Kantus and there’s just one more valve. Head down again for the final valves and two more Kantuses (Kanti?). You might want to grab the boomshot on the middle level before heading down.
    7. After the two armored guards, there’s two valves on this level, and then you get a cutscene. After that, RUN! Follow the stars and get out of the facility. There’s a surprise grinder at the end in a library like space, but as soon as you drop him, it’s all over and you made it.
    8. ACHIEVEMENT: Completing this level nets you 10 points for Look At That, Instant Summer.

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    5 Comments on Gears of War 3 Walkthrough


    On September 15, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    OMG these videos are riddled with thpoilers!


    On September 19, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Awesome! This walkthrough is hot linked and will be invaluable during my 1st playthru. great job!!


    On September 22, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    What if i beat the game and didnt get the “Ain’t My First Rodeo” achievement? did i do something wrong


    On September 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm



    On September 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    God that voice over guy is annoying as hell. He makes the videos unwatchable, especially when he tries to make his voice sound all macho and manly. He sounds like a little boy who’s trying to talk like the characters in the game.