Gears of War: Judgment – COG Tag Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • The Museum of Military Glory COG Tags
  • Halvo Bay Military Academy COG Tags
  • Seahorse Hills COG Tags
  • Onyx Point COG Tags
  • Downtown Halvo Bay COG Tags
  • The Courthouse COG Tags
  • Aftermath COG Tags
  • The Museum of Military Glory

    COG Tag #1
    Section: Old Town
    Location: At the end of the section, look to the right of the burning roadblock and enter the small front yard of a building with a red skull painted on the exterior. Check out the alley to the right of the mark.

    COG Tag #2
    Section: Riverwalk District
    Location: There’s a narrow alley past the statue fountain near shallow steps. Look in the alcove to the right.

    COG Tag #3
    Section: Museum Gardens
    Location: After cutting through the door leading outside, use the steps directly ahead to find an optional path with the tags past an extra set of grenades.

    COG Tag #4
    Section: Great Hall
    Location: Jump into the shallow water by vaulting over the low cover in the statue fountain in the center of the section.

    COG Tag #5
    Section: Kashkur Wing
    Location: Before leaving this section, look in the area below the turrets, between the platform reachable by two sets of steps and a pillar.

    COG Tag #6
    Section: East Wing
    Location: Look for a small room on the right side of the room, past the armor cases. You should be able to spot a red skull marker on one of the pillars on the right, signifying the tags are nearby.

    COG Tag #7
    Section: Archives
    Location: Inside the archive room, turn left at the exit door to find a red skull mark on the wall. The tags are in a dark corner to the right.

    COG Tag #8
    Section: Vaults
    Location: Before reaching the end of the section, look on the right wall inside the lowest section of the wrecked chamber. Before going up the steps, look for the red mark. The tags are on the ground, near the cracked ledge.

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