Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Museum of Military Glory

    Section 1

    1. Listen to Baird start speaking, triggering a series of testimonials revealing the sequence of events which lead to their trial.
    2. Move forward towards the collapsing buildings and explosions. Break the rubble blocking your path with a melee attack. Continue into the next alleyway.
    3. Open the door to your immediate left and enter with your squad. Walk through the next alleyway and keep moving until you reach your first encounter with the Locust near a burning tree.
    4. Fight the Locust with your team. Once every Locust in the area is neutralized, move forward. Take notice of the Gears symbol on the wall. You can use these symbols throughout the game to activate challenges, allowing you to fully declassify the mission.
    5. Meet up with the, now destroyed, convoy. Search the area and head towards the attacking Locusts. Keep fighting your way forward and clear the area.
    6. You will soon receive orders to travel to the Museum of Military Glory. Check your objectives to reveal an objective marker. You can use this throughout the game to find the direction you need to move in. Follow the marker into the tunnels.

    Section 2

    1. Continue forward and jump over any barrels in your way. You will soon reach a sniper rifle lying near a dead girl. Pick it up, and grab the ammo located straight ahead of you. Turn left at the corpse and exit the underground route.
    2. Ahead of you lies a Locust outpost. Follow the objective marker towards the enemies. Start killing any Locusts in the area. Use your sniper to pick off enemies at long distances, and head up the stairs once the area is clear.
    3. A mounted turret will be waiting for you in the next area. Quickly dive into cover so you do not get gunned down. Sneak up behind the turret to kill the gunner, or just throw a grenade at him. Secure the area.
    4. After, a boomer will open a door unleashing a couple of tickers. Finish off the last few enemies and move through the door they entered from into the empty buildings.

    Section 3

    1. Keep moving forward, breaking down any wooden doors in your way. A healing Kantus will appear in the courtyard ahead of you.
    2. Kill the Kantus and continue clearing out the area with your squad. Avoid the Locust sniper fire.
    3. Fight your way towards the museum entrance. Continue to kill Locust in the area until the section is clear. Enter the Museum with your team.

    Section 4

    1. This section is the first of a few sections focusing on wave-based combat. Before starting the wave, begin to fortify the area. Pick a defensive position and place Sentinels to gun down Locust charging your position. Take cover, and begin the wave when you are ready.
    2. Begin to fight off the Locust horde. check the area for ammo caches and weapons, located near the entrance in this section. When your Sentinels run out of ammo, manually reload them.
    3. Continue fighting and hold your position. Fight off the waves of Locust until someone radios for reinforcements at the East Wing. Hurry down the steps and towards the objective. Exit the Great Hall.

    Section 5

    1. Break down the large door in front of you. As soon as you enter the wing, you will be met with turret fire. Take cover and kill the gunners. Fight your way into the Kashkur wing.
    2. Finish off the Locust in the wing, and locate the door to the East wing. Enter it and take cover, preparing to fight off another wave of the Locust horde.
    3. The Locust will attack from the door at the end of the wing. Place your Sentinels and take a defensive position. Begin the wave and kill all of the resistance in the area.
    4. When the wing is finally clear, take a breather and prepare for the next wave. Defeat the wave and end the section.

    Section 6

    1. The East Wing will finally be clear. Turn around and head towards the door where you entered the wing. You will need to find the Onyx Guards fighting outside of the museum. Enter the museum’s Archives and move forward.
    2. Keep a look out for Serapede eggs in the Archives. Destroy all of the eggs in the area, although it is not mandatory. Locate the weapons cache on the right side of the tunnel to resupply. Continue through the Archives when you are ready.
    3. You will be attacked by a Giant Serapede. Destroy the Serapede by shooting sections of its body from behind; aim for the glowing parts. Fight your way through until you reach a chained door. Cut through it with your chainsaw.
    4. Locust will ambush you in the Archives, including more Serapedes. Clear the area and find the grub hole nearby. Continue to neutralize all Locust forces. Exit through the hole in the wall and find the next sniper rifle.
    5. Exit the museum Archives to the vault.

    Section 7

    1. Enter the vaults ahead. This area has very low visibility, so use caution while moving forward. Fight off the Butchers who will be wielding cleavers. They will attack you from the dust at close-quarters.
    2. Clear the area and head towards the vault’s exit.
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