Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Halvo Bay Military Academy

    Sofia’s Testimony: Section 1

    1. Move forward to the wooden door and break it down. Take a look around at the military academy. Continue down the stairs with your team, and keep moving across the bridge to the academy.
    2. Fight your way through the Locust and try to clear the area. Beware of incoming Reavers on the bridge. Keep fighting, and kill all Reavers which may enter from the sides of the bridge.
    3. Fight the reinforcements near the academy entrance. When the area is clear, enter the Halvo Bay Military Academy with your team.

    Section 2

    1. Once you are inside the academy, enter the door on your left. Walk down the corpse-riddled hallway. Continue to the outside once again. If you chose to declassify this section, you will have under four minutes to complete this section.
    2. Fight your way through the courtyard, killing the heavy Locust reinforcements in the area. Neutralize the enemies as quickly as possible, and keep moving towards the entrance to the Science and Technology wing.
    3. Attempt to head into the Science and Technology wing, only to be charged by a powerful Locust. Take him down and enter the science wing. Quickly clear out the first room.
    4. Run through the wing to the work site. Kill all Locust units in the area and find the garage door marked with a blue cog symbol. This is the entrance to the lab.

    Section 3

    1. Use the green button to open the lab door. Neutralize the Butchers as you enter the room, and continue clearing out the rest of the Locust. Locate the grub hole and close it up.
    2. Keep an eye out for more reinforcements moving in from the ceiling and windows. Completely clear the area and regroup with your team. Search the area for blinking blue switches on the outer platform. Throw the switches.
    3. Move with your team into the next hallway. Follow it straight to the next door, and open it using the button on the wall. There will be a green button at the center of the room.
    4. Once the green button is pressed, the bot will join your team. Escort the bot towards the door to exit the labs. You will need to continue escorting the bot throughout the game, as he cannot cloak.

    Section 4

    1. Head up the stairs towards the objective marker. Continue down the hall into the main wing. The bot will stop moving when enemies arrive, so you will need to protect it from the Locust in the wing. Do not let the bot take too much damage.
    2. When you clear the area, the bot will start moving again. Follow him as he opens the next door. If the bot freezes, reinforcements have arrive again. Continue clearing the area and protecting the bot until he fully cuts through the door.
    3. Enter the commons ahead and follow the bot. He will soon freeze, and you will have to fight again. Keep an eye out for flying Nemacyst and Locust units. Grub holes will open up, so close them quickly.
    4. When the yard is secure, the bot will start moving again. Follow it until more enemies show up, and protect him as normal. You will soon come across another door, and use it to exit the commons.

    Section 5

    1. At the start of the Atrium, you will be met with heavy fire from the Locust horde. Position yourself in a secure spot and start defending the bot again. Exit the Atrium when you have cleaned up the area.
    2. Pick up the nearby Tripwire Crossbow. Regroup with your team and the bot.

    Section 6

    1. Scavenge the nearby crash site for gear. There will be a Locust horde heading towards you, so fortify the area using barricades and Sentinels. Get ready to defend it and your bot. Begin the wave when you are ready.
    2. Start fighting the first wave of Locust, and make sure no attackers reach your bot. Complete the first wave, and reload your Sentinels. Take a defensive position for the next wave.
    3. Heavy Locust reinforcements will move in at the start of the wave. Continue defending the area until it is totally clear, and the bot will start moving again. Regroup with your team at the crash site.
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