Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Seahorse Hills

    Paduk’s Testimony: Section 1

    1. Follow the bot into Amador park. Check your mission objective and follow it to the road. Bloodmounts will break through and attack. Neutralize the Locust in the area.
    2. Keep moving up the road. Locust reinforcements will arrive via grub holes. Quickly close up the holes and continue clearing the main road.
    3. Follow your team towards the mansion’s gate. They will cut it open with their chainsaws. Upon arrival, a Corpser will burst out of the ground. Kill the Corpser by shooting the un-armored part of its back.
    4. Break through the enemies and continue through the yard to the road with your team.

    Section 2

    1. Head towards the Villa in your mission to locate the professor’s launch codes. Jump over the barriers and keep moving down the walkway. When you reach a gate, kick it open. You will be met by Locust at the door of the house.
    2. Take cover and neutralize all Locust enemies, including multiple boomers. Fight through to the next yard.
    3. A grub hole will open up, so quickly kill the enemies and close it. Clear the yard and continue to the road. Listen to the radio chatter while you travel to the next mansion gate.

    Section 3

    1. Move forward to the next villa. There will be two Kantuses ready for you on the balcony ahead. Kill both of them, preferably with a sniper rifle, then focus your attention on the reinforcements.
    2. Clean up the heavy Locust resistance in the area. Once the villa is clear, move forward to the fountain. You will be rushed by more heavy reinforcements. Kill them and move up once the area is clear of the Locust.
    3. Follow your objective marker to the end of the road.

    Section 4

    1. Move with the bot through the wreckage. Check the road ahead for Locust barriers. Instead of trying to run through them, use your gun to quickly destroy their fortifications.
    2. Grubs will attack when you reach the road by Professor Elliot’s mansion. Follow your team to the wooden barrier and destroy it. You will come across Locust mortars. Quickly take them out and move up the street while simultaneously destroying fortifications.
    3. Bloodmounts will break through the wall ahead. Neutralize the Bloodmounts and move through the broken wall ahead. More grubs and mortars will be in the area.
    4. Begin completely clearing out the area of hostiles. Destroy the remaining fortifications and move with your team to open the large metal door to the Professor’s estate.

    Section 5

    1. When you enter the estate, you will find out there are multiple mortars in the area. Kill the Locust mortar on the mansion’s roof, and the second one on the left side of the room.
    2. When the first area is clear of mortar units, focus your attention on the heavy Locust forces in the yard. Start clearing out the area and move towards the mansion.
    3. Continue killing Locust until they stop showing up. When everything is quiet, regroup with your team at the door.

    Section 6

    1. Grab the Booshka at the beginning of the section. Start moving through the gardens, destroying any enemies or defenses in your way. Continue forward until you reach the garage.
    2. Move through the garage to the other side of the guest house. Keep an eye out for the last mortar unit. He will be located on the balcony at the guest house. You can locate him by looking for the mortar trail when he fires.
    3. Kill the mortar unit and find his body. Steal his mortar and use it to close grub holes and kill the last of the grub reinforcements in the area, including Reavers. Next, follow your team to the gate.
    4. Move around the water with your team to the Professor’s secret entrance. The door will be located under the bridge. Enter Professor Elliot’s mansion.

    Section 7

    1. Ride the elevator up to Professor Elliot’s lab. Have the bot hack the computers near the Professor’s body. Unfortunately, the bot shuts down the estate’s defenses.
    2. When the power goes out, go through the glass doors into the house. The Locust will now be inside since the defenses are down. Protect the bot from incoming Locust units.
    3. Make sure to set up Sentinels in the area for extra defense. Temporarily clear the area of grubs, and set up for a wave of the Locust Horde. Pick a defensive position and begin the wave.
    4. Protect the bot from the first wave of grubs. When you have a break, reload your sentinels and pick up more ammo. Take cover and prepare for another wave. Once the mansion is almost clear, Beserkers will break in.
    5. Finish off any stragglers, and focus your attention on the Beserkers. You can defeat the Beserkers by setting them on fire. Locate a Scorcher on the ground floor or near the bot. Light the Berserkers on fire, and while they are charred, shoot them for critical hits.
    6. Soon the Berserkers will go down, and the bot will be finished retrieving the launch codes. Follow your team out of the Professor’s mansion.
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