Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Onyx Point

    Cole’s Testimony: Section 1

    1. Storm the beach when the helicopter lands. There will be heavy fire and mortars from the Locust in the area.
    2. Take cover and return fire. Move up the beach and destroy Locust fortifications on the way. Take out the Locust units and turret gunners around the bunkers.
    3. Finish off any grubs around the beach, and follow your objective marker towards Onyx Point Fortress. Regroup with your team at the doors.

    Section 2

    1. Enter the interior of Onyx Point. Move forward with your team and the bot. Jump over the barriers into the rock tunnels. Keep moving until you come across a Silverback mech in a courtyard.
    2. Get in the Silverback and use it to quickly move across the yard, killing any grubs that cross your path. You will reach a large metal gate which will automatically open for you. Head straight through the gate.
    3. Clean up the area of grub reinforcements. Continue fighting your way forward to the objective marker. Regroup with your team when you reach the next door.

    Section 3

    1. Walk down the hallway to the metal door. Use the button on the wall to open it. You will end up in a Locust outpost, and will be met with heavy fire.
    2. Take cover and return fire. Start killing any Locust in the outpost, and avoid turret fire. Fight through the outpost and kill the gunners. When the area is clear, locate the warehouse and move into it.
    3. Keep fighting your way forward until all of the Locust in the outpost are dealt with. Regroup with your team afterwards.

    Section 4

    1. Move to the cliffs and follow the pathway. Continue following the path towards the elevator, but beware of snipers using the cliffs next to you as a vantage point.
    2. Move across the cliffs, taking cover when possible. Eliminate the grub snipers when you have a clear shot on them. You can also utilize the explosive barrels to kill them with explosions.
    3. Keep fighting until the elevator lowers to ground-level. Finish off the Locust in the area and activate the elevator. The elevator will move up slowly, and you will be attacked. Defend yourself until you reach the top.

    Section 5

    1. Follow your objective marker into the base in an attempt to locate the Lightmass Missile. Grab some new weapons and ammo at the start of the base. Follow the catwalk on the outside.
    2. You may have low visibility, so be aware of your surroundings. Engage the Butchers on the ground-floor, and kill any other Locust forces around the base. You will fight heavy enemies such as Grinders.
    3. Make your way through the central base to the elevator. Regroup with your team and take the elevator to the lower levels of the base.

    Section 6

    1. Locate the computers ahead of you. Use the terminal to activate the Lightmass Missile. After a nice radio chat, open the silo and get ready to help Omega.
    2. Follow the mission marker to the closest door. Use the button to open it, and move down the hallway. When attacked by the Locust, take cover and start to clear the area.
    3. Fight your way forward until all Locust are dealt with. Meet up with your team at the door and have them open it.

    Section 7

    1. Head through the damaged part of the base until you reach the beach. You will need to defend the beach, so begin to fortify using Sentinels and tripwire crossbows. There will be a turret in one of the bunkers to help defend.
    2. Begin the wave when you are ready, and Locust boats will move in. Start mowing down any grubs that step on the beach. When the first wave is over, take a defensive position again and prepare for the next set.
    3. More boats will arrive on the beach. Once again begin to eliminate any Locust units nearby. Beware of any Locust that may sneak up from the sides of the bunkers.
    4. This section will consist of three waves. Once more, boats will unload grubs to the beach. This time, some of them may have mortars. Defend against heavy fire until the beach is completely secure.
    5. When the waves are complete, follow the objective marker to one of the Locust boats to escape the island.
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