Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Downtown Halvo Bay

    Baird’s Testimony: Section 1

    1. Follow the bot and your team down the river. Break open the vine-covered gate and move through it. Head into the Wharf district, where you will meet heavy Locust resistance.
    2. Take cover and avoid turret fire. Clear the area and fight your way forward towards the hotel. Neutralize the grubs around the hotel, but beware of One-shots and mortar fire.
    3. When the area is clear of resistance, destroy the Locust fortifications blocking the entrance to the hotel. Enter the building with your team.

    Section 2

    1. Open the front door of the hotel and enter the parade grounds. Take a look around and destroy any Serapede eggs you see. When you are ready to continue, turn the valve to open the gate barricading the road.
    2. Before you’re fully finished opening the gate, Giant Serapedes as well as Corpsers will move into the area. Shoot the unarmored part of the Serapedes and Corpsers to take them down. Finish off the Locust attackers and continue opening the gate.
    3. Move through the gate and head down the street. When instructed to pick a side to attack from, move either to the upper-left side or upper-right side. For this walkthrough, you will be going to the right.

    Section 3

    1. Grubs will break through the blocked street. Use the upper platforms to ambush the Locust forces below.
    2. Ambush the grubs and begin to kill every hostile on the road. When it is clear, head back down to street-level. Move forward, climb up the rubble to enter the destroyed building with your team, and make your way to the rooftops.
    3. Use the rooftops as a vantage point. Grub holes will open at street-level. Kill the Locust as they try to move up the building’s rubble. Do not let them damage the bot as he cuts through the door.
    4. Once the rooftop is clear, regroup with your team at the bot.

    Section 4

    1. Move across the corpse-filled hallways and up the set of stairs. Break down the door and exit to the rooftops. You will be ambushed by Locust almost immediately. Neutralize all units on the rooftops, and move to the upper levels.
    2. Locust will grapple to the rooftops where you are. Shoot the grappling grubs before they actually step onto the roof. Begin to clear the rooftops of hostiles, and keep fighting your way towards the objective marker.
    3. When you reach the end of the rooftops, you will be ambushed by a Reaver. Take down the Reaver and finish off any straggling grubs in the area. When the roof is quiet, meet your team at the chain-link gate

    Section 5

    1. Run across the wooden platforms over the parade grounds. Pass the nearby Reavers and move into the building ahead. Neutralize all grubs in the first room.
    2. Break down the set of metal doors to the next roof. You will immediately be attacked by more Locust. Kill the units in the area, and keep an eye out for One-shot snipers.
    3. Fight your way forward. Near the water tower, there is a mortar which you can use to quickly kill all grubs in your way. Once the Locust reinforcements around the water tower are dead, move with your team to the next door.

    Section 6

    1. You will hear a familiar voice on the radio: Marcus Fenix. Break through the set of doors to the next rooftop. If you choose to declassify the mission, you will have about two minutes to make it across the roof.
    2. Avoid enemy fire and fight your way across the roof. Kill anything that gets in your way, and reach the launch point.
    3. Take a defensive position and start to kill all grubs on the rooftop. Once all of the grubs are dead, rendezvous with your team at the launch point. Baird will fire the Lightmass Missile, against the Colonel’s orders.

    Section 7

    1. After firing the missile, you will be ambushed from behind. Turn around and return fire to the Locust. Clear the area.
    2. Start fortifying the area and take a defensive position. Make sure you use your Sentinels to assist in fighting off the Locust Horde. Begin the wave once you are prepared.
    3. After the first wave, reload your Sentinels and find ammo for yourself. Prepare for the next wave. Continue to fend off the Locust Horde until the rooftop is quiet once more.
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