Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

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  • Missions

    The Courthouse

    Present Day: Section 1

    1. At the start of this section you will be in the present-time. Begin in the Grand Courtroom and immediately take cover.
    2. A Reaver will enter the courtroom, along with plenty of Locust reinforcements. Thin out the area, then focus your attention on taking down the Reaver.
    3. Finish off the rest of the Locust forces in the area, then follow your objective marker to escape the Grand Courtroom.

    Section 2

    1. Move towards the large doors in the Halls of Judgment. Continue through the war-torn hall until you are ambushed by the Nemacyst. Pick them off out of the air, and keep moving forward.
    2. Reach the set of chained doors and use your chainsaw to cut through it. Take a look at the idle Raven in the distance. Move to the nearby door and wait for grubs to burst through it.
    3. Take cover and begin to clear the room. Stay in cover to avoid heavy Locust such as Grinders, Scorchers, and Boomers.
    4. Keep pushing forward through the room until you reach a hallway. Regroup with your team by the doors at the end of the hall.

    Section 3

    1. Open the doors on the left of the hallway. You will immediately be engaged by Locust. Take cover; if you chose to declassify this mission, your health will not regenerate
    2. Continue down the steps towards the ground-floor. Fight your way down and you will soon reach the outside of the destroyed building.
    3. Defend yourself from the incoming grubs. Fight your way across the outside of the building towards the objective marker. Next, rendezvous with your team at the set of doors.

    Section 4

    1. You will now be at the ground-floor by the North Entrance. Locust will be attempting to break through the doors. Despite the fatigue level of your team, you will need to defend this area.
    2. Use your Sentinels to assist in defending the area. Use the upper-levels as a defensive vantage point. Take cover and return fire to the Locust when they arrive.
    3. Keep an eye out for grub holes and begin to neutralize all hostiles in the area. When the room is clear, move with your team towards the main entrance. Break open the doors and head through.
    4. You will once again be greeted with Locust fire. Take cover and start picking off all resistance between you and the door. Fight through and follow your team to the next section.

    Section 5

    1. Head through the body-riddled hallway until you finally reach the main entrance. Break down the doors and begin fighting the grubs nearby. Kill the heavy units in the area, such as Bloodmounts.
    2. You will need to completely secure the area. Since there is heavy resistance, take it slow and kill one enemy at a time. When the last enemy is dead, move with your team to the burnt-down door.
    3. Head towards the rubble so your team can climb up for a scenic view of the war-torn city.

    Section 6

    1. You will need to make your way down the Great Staircase. If you chose to declassify the mission, you will have under four minutes to complete the section.
    2. Quickly move through the area and watch out for grub holes. The Colonel will show up shortly and join your team. Fight your way through heavy enemies who are fortified in the area.
    3. Continue down the staircase while suppressing the heavy grub resistance and avoiding enemy fire. Run towards the Raven you saw earlier to complete the section.

    Karn Boss Battle: Section 7

    1. Unfortunately, the Raven was destroyed by Karn and his Shibboleth before your team could escape. Follow the Colonel into battle at the plaza. Get ready to take on Karn head-to-head.
    2. Get ready to start the boss battle. Use the various structures in the area for cover. Shoot the weak-points on the Shibboleth which will glow orange around the legs and mouth when he is preparing to attack. Weak points also show up as red on your reticle.
    3. Avoid Karn’s heavy machine gun fire, and assault the Shibboleth until it is wounded. Karn will exit the area and take cover on a roof. He will summon Locust reinforcements, so take cover and neutralize all hostiles in the plaza.
    4. Karn will soon enter the plaza again. Repeat the process of wounding the Shibboleth, but take cover from its destructive running and the Locust reinforcements. Continue to attack Karn until he exits the plaza again.
    5. Karn will fire on you from the building. Avoid his attacks and clear the plaza once more. Karn will enter the battle one more time. Back away from Karn and attack his weak-points again. Listen for audio-cues from your team letting you know when he is about to attack.
    6. Wound Karn’s Shibboleth one final time. The Shibboleth will be disabled, so finish it off for good. Karn will plummet from the top of the creature to the ground, and the Colonel will finish him off.
    7. Rendezvous with the Colonel and celebrate your crimes and rank demotions; Congratulations.
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