Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough

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    Return to Halvo Bay

    1. Return to Halvo Bay during the Gears of War 3 campaign, one day before Adam Fenix releases the Imulsion cure.
    2. Paduk will meet up with you at the beginning of Aftermath. Walk across the wooden bridge and follow the objective marker. Keep moving forward until you are engaged by Locust.
    3. Continue to the large gate until the Locust open it. Suppress all of the grubs in the area and head through the gate.
    4. A grub will use a horn to trigger a rockslide nearby. Sprint forward to dodge the incoming rocks, and get into shelter with your team in the garage ahead. Move the destroyed car by activating the yellow generator, and throwing the switch near the car.
    5. Make your way out of the station through the store. Keep moving forward, but watch out for tickers. When they get close to you, kick them away. Alternatively, shoot them while they are in packs to kill them with their explosive power.
    6. When you reach the next checkpoint, kick down the door to the small office near the gate. Use the button on the wall to open up the gates. Move through and take cover to avoid Locust sniper fire.
    7. Pick off the snipers in the area and continue forward. Be careful as you will have low-visibility. You will soon be ambushed by grubs. Defend yourself and clear the area.
    8. Follow your objective marker to the Shipping and Receiving doors. Continue through the destroyed alley, and you will reach a security door.
    9. Enter the security area into the powerless building. Move back down the stairs into the shopping center. There will be heavy Locust reinforcements in the area, so begin to clear the mall.
    10. Soon after, an incoming mortar will destroy a nearby door, opening up a path. Head through the hole in the wall and take cover from the Locust mortar fire. Start killing the grubs in the area.
    11. Move to the ground floor, and take cover from One-shot fire. Continue suppressing the grub ambush. Soon, the area will seem clear, but more Locust will burst into the area. Neutralize them to secure the shopping center once and for all.
    12. Move with your team into the next set of doors to Rendezvous with Paduk’s people. Enter his camp through the gate.

    Anybody Home?

    1. Search the deserted camp. Take a look at your objective which will lead you to the Rooftop lift. Soon, Lambent humans will ambush you in the camp.
    2. Fight off the attacking enemies and clear the area. Move back as you kill them, so you can avoid their explosive deaths. Once the metal doors open up, head through and wait for Paduk to open the gate.
    3. Continue forward into the dark halls. Beware of incoming Lambent as you follow your objective marker through the horror-like building. Head towards the rooftop lift, and you will reach a large set of doors.
    4. Cut them open and move up the stairwell. Kick open the green door to the roof, and take notice of the Lambent in the area. Do not engage the enemies. Instead, just head straight up to the lift and take it to the next section.

    Dead End

    1. Start looking for survivals, and use the walkway to reach the Imulsion deck. Take notice of where the lockers are, which contain gas masks for your team. Jump over each barrier to reach the lockers.
    2. The area will start to collapse, and Lambent will attack. If you get cut off, turn around and take the long way around. Start putting the Lambent out of their misery.
    3. Keep fighting and jumping over barriers until you finally reach the lockers. Take the gas masks and regroup with your team.
    4. Take the stairwell to the upper deck. Head over to the large garage door and open it. Your team will move through, and will be immediately attacked by Wretches.
    5. Locate the evacuation banner left for you, and fire the signal flare on top of it. This will draw the attention of the evacuation chopper, but also attract Locust to the area.
    6. Reavers will move in shortly after. Start defending the deck from the incoming Reavers and grubs. You can shoot some of the pipes to drop Imulsion on enemies to damage them.
    7. When you reach a checkpoint, a Raven will appear in the distance. More enemies will move in, including Lambent. Take a defensive position and hold out until the Raven arrives.
    8. The chopper will show up and start shining its spotlight on you. Watch the Raven until it lands on the helipad. Fight your way over to it and board it to evacuate the area.

    One Step Closer

    1. The Raven will drop you off near a police station where explosives are located. Head through the gate under the archway. Continue to move through the building ahead.
    2. When you get to the outside, a mortar strike will be incoming, along with a wave of grubs. Take cover and start clearing the area.
    3. A grub hole will open up under the destroyed building frame near the water. Kill the Locust which move out of it. You can quickly do this using the mounted turret nearby.
    4. When you reach a checkpoint, walk to the dangerous sludge near the building frame. You cannot get through here, so double back the way you came. Behind the mounted turret will be a door marked with a red X. Throughout this section, try to follow these red markings to your objective.
    5. Grubs will break through the marked door. Suppress them and continue forward.
    6. Find the crashed truck near the ledge ahead. Shoot the explosive Imulsion container near its wheel causing the truck to plummet into the water. This will create a bridge.
    7. Cross the sludge into the police station. Open the garage door and grab the explosives you came in for. Immediately start to exit the station, only to be ambushed by tickers.
    8. Either shoot the tickers or kick them away if they are close. Continue forward up the stairs, dodging tickers and killing grubs.
    9. Exit the station through the garage once the area is clear. Head towards the marker at the hotel. If you are having trouble locating the hotel, just look for the large boat balancing on top of a tall building.
    10. Avoid the One-shot sniper taking shots at you on the road. Move into cover in-between shots and move up the road. Unfortunately, the sniper is out of range, so you cannot kill him. When Cole instructs you to, shoot the explosive Imulsion container at the top of a column.
    11. The column will fall and create more cover for you. Enter the broken wall next to it, and move up the street. If you get lost, remember to search for the doors marked with a red X. Follow these doors to the hotel entrance.
    12. Continue weaving in and out of buildings, decreasing the distance between you and the sniper. When you are finally in range, move up the stairs and neutralize the wretches. Clear the floors and move to the outside.
    13. Execute the sniper to rid yourself of his danger. Suppress the rest of the grubs around the hotel, and reach the objective marker at the hotel doors.
    14. Enter the Regency Hotel with your team. Place an explosive at the glowing red marker in the corner. Arm the charge by activating the explosive when the two circles align. When the charge is set, grubs will attack.
    15. Start suppressing grubs in the area, but focus on your task of setting charges. You will need to set three more charges in each corner of the room. Head to the next corner, and repeat the process.
    16. Set the final charges to reach a checkpoint. Locust will move in from the outside and blow a hole through the wall. Defend the charges from the Locust ambush.
    17. Neutralize the Boomers and grubs moving in via ropes. Use the windows for cover and kill all Locust forces near the hotel.
    18. Once things are quiet again, a cutscene will activate and you will blow up the charges. However, the boat won’t budge.

    Straight to the Top

    1. Use the stairway to move up the floors of the building. You will be automatically transferred to the 19th floor. Kick open the door and meet up with a, short lived, survivor.
    2. Take cover from the One-shot snipers. Pick up the nearby sniper and return fire to the grubs. Move forward to the windows for a better view of the enemies.
    3. Keep heading through until the grubs start grappling up the building through the floor and windows. Clear the area and follow your objective marker to the rooftops.
    4. Use your chainsaw to cut through the wooden planks blocking the door. Move up the 20th floor to the metal doors, then break them open and continue through.
    5. Unsurprisingly, more grubs are on the roof. Start to secure the rooftops under the boat. Defend yourself from heavy reinforcements and Reavers. Soon, the rooftop will quiet down.
    6. Locate the nearby leaning tower and shoot the large wires so they will break. The tower will tumble over and create a bridge between the rooftops.
    7. Head across the next rooftop and engage the grubs on the other side. Take cover and begin to secure the area once more. When all the grubs are neutralized, cut open the metal doors to the next stairwell.

    A Few Complaints

    1. Head down the stairs into the restaurant. Suppress the grubs inside and begin to secure the area. When the restaurant is totally clear, follow your objective marker to the kitchen. Quickly neutralize the grubs inside to secure the kitchen.
    2. Use your objective marker to locate the three gas lines inside of the kitchen. Begin to open each gas main in the room, but beware of grubs moving in through the floors.
    3. Continue to defend yourself from the incoming Locust, including heavy enemies such as armored Kantus which you can easily kill with a grenade or by shooting them in the mouth. Make sure all of the gas mains are open, and clear the area.
    4. Baird will pull out a grenade and toss it into the gas-filled building. Use the zip-line nearby to dramatically escape the explosion. Shoot the cars ahead of you to avoid running into them. Assist your team if you have the time.
    5. Drop down onto the rooftop next to the ship. After an unpleasant conversation with Paduk, join Cole on the now operation boat. Finish the mission by heading back to assist Marcus and Dom.
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