Geoff iNcontrol Robinson Tells You How To Game Better

You might remember Mr. iNcontrol from his time on the Syphilis¬†Network’s (Syfy) WCG Ulimate Gamer last year. And if you’re really, really nerdy, you might know that he was once the best Starcraft player on Earth. He also is noteworthy for being one of those rare gamers who does things like exercising and pumping iron (his PR people say he can lift 500 lbs.). In honor of Starcraft II’s release yesterday, we had a brief chat with MR. iNcontrol to find out how to not be as bad at competitive gaming as you are.

FileFront: So you’re a gamer, but you think exercise is important. What’s up with that? Explain to me how being a lazy fat-ass who sits in front of the TV all day isn’t a good thing for competitive gamers.

iNcontrol: I’m a very competitive person. When I do something, I want to win. That goes for everything. Lifting weights helps me to feel healthy and it helps my game! I cannot play as well when I am worried about my health or feeling depressed about my physical state. Getting outside, going to the gym and being active also helps me keep my mind clear so I don’t burn out. It isn’t easy maintaining the level of concentration competitive gaming requires! I need the break each day.

FileFront: Alright, so tell us what we can do to get better at destroying folks online.

iNcontrol: Immerse yourself in the community for your game. Nobody wants to be alone, struggle with a game and talk to nobody about it. Make a social circle for yourself. Find out what works, practice with your friends and then compete against other people within the community. This makes the overall experience more enjoyable but it also helps you to catch on to the winning trends and top level understanding of the game.

FileFront: You’re a championship Starcraft player, so clearly your ideas are working for you on that game. Will it help with other titles too?

iNcontrol: Being a champion at Starcraft has helped me to unlock working techniques in other games. Figuring them out, engaging them like a puzzle and working with them like an athlete means I treat each game like a potential competition. This may seem intense but for me it is where I derive the fun!

FileFront: Time for a dose of reality. If gamers follow your plan, will they be able to easily make money as a professional gamer?

iNcontrol: Easily? Probably not. Like anything: you get what you put in. I have put in 12 years of hard work and training as well as some pretty opportunistic support. Because of that I now enjoy a life revolving around eSports and competitive gaming. Making money [in] gaming can be achieved… but not easily!

FileFront: Here’s the big one. How will being physically fit allow ugly fat male gamers with poor social skills (the stereotype) attract women?

iNcontrol: Being well rounded and doing different things is an attractive quality period! Nobody wants a man/woman who ONLY does business. Nobody wants a man/woman who ONLY exercises. People are attracted to people who do different things and take those things serious. If you are a gamer, great! Supplement that with mental cool downs at the gym and take care of your body. So far there aren’t any games that come to mind where you don’t need your body.

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