Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Raven Strike Walkthrough

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Secure Dawn

  1. Head forward through the forest. Once you get near the road and see the light source, stealthily move up and to the left and take cover behind the broken tree trunk. Tag three of the guards (use night vision to help you see) and eliminate the fourth yourself by executing a sync shot.
  2. Move forward and then drop off the short ledge. Turn left and move through the forest (make sure you stay in a crouched position so you’re out of sight). Get to the fallen-over tree with your team. Tag the three near the truck, then stealthily creep around the large rock on the left.
  3. Take cover behind the tree on the other side. Call for a sync shot as you take out the gunner up ahead of you. Move up to the humvee and take out any remaining enemies to clear the area.
  4. Head toward the next crash site. When you get about 70 clicks out, follow the path around to the right. Go prone at the turn to avoid being spotted. Tag the sniper up ahead in the hills, then wait for the two guards to come around the backside of the barn. Have the sniper taken down as you kill the two guards.
  5. Enemies will engage you here, so quickly move up and into the barn. Head through the door on the other side and kill the two enemies on this side of the barn. Go prone as you follow your team to the ledge and take out the enemies below at the crash site.
  6. Go left (past the campfire), drop off the ledge and finish clearing the crash site of enemies. Round up with your team at the wreckage before heading to crash site three.
  7. Once you reach the cave, switch to night vision/thermal again. Enter the cave slowly because there will be two hostiles patrolling around the first turn. Tag one and take out the other right when they come around the turn.
  8. Continue forward. At about 65 clicks, there will be four more guards around the next turn. They’ll spot you if you try to tag them all, so catch ‘em off guard by taking two of them, pulling back for cover, then killing the other two to clear the area.
  9. Exit the cave and follow your team down to the water. Tag the first rifleman your team spots straight ahead and have them take him out. Tag another rifleman to the right, drop down into the swampy water and take cover behind the nearby marsh. Move around to the left, wait for thee other guards to patrol buy, tag two more and take out the third as you execute a sync shot.
  10. Move across the swamp to the land on the other side. There will be a ton of guys here, so screw sync shots—it’s time to go crazy! Pick off who you can spot here, then fall back into the water and go toward your team around to the right.
  11. Use the marshes as cover and continue to take out enemies on the perimeter. Move up back onto land, find cover behind some boxes and clear the area by taking out any remaining guards around the crash site.
  12. Meet up with your team in the water in front of the plane. Inspect the inside, then plant the charge on the door to blow the plane. Head through more swampy water to the next checkpoint.
  13. After the chopper flies over, follow your team over the short bridge and into the swamp on the other side. Get to the watch tower and start to climb up it. When the guard comes to the edge, tag him, then have your team take him out.
  14. Now that you are overlooking the swap on the other side, tag the LMG to the left and the sniper just to the left of him in the watchtower. Climb back down and head toward you team as you call the sync shot.
  15. Get to the village. Take out the two riflemen patrolling nearby, then stealthily pick off guard by guard as you advance through the village (they’ll all be spread out enough where you won’t get spotted by taking each one out).
  16. Once you get about 20 clicks outside of your regroup point, there will be a large group of guards talking. Tag four and take and the fifth by calling for a sync shot. Keep in mind that if you haven’t killed every guard up to this point, you’ll have to go back and take out any remaining guards to clear the area in order for your team to advance.
  17. Follow your team to the small shack. Take your position next to the door to perform a breach and kill the four guards inside (the fourth will be hiding behind the boxes). Get Kozlov in the room on the left.
  18. Meet up with your team back outside. Take out the Russians who will be dropping down from the chopper. After the chopper circles around, turn around, go across the road, hop the fence and turn right. From here, you’ll he out of site of the chopper and can get some clean shots on the gunner in the chopper.
  19. When shots start firing from the watchtower, move up to the outside of the bridge and take out the guard up there. Kill the guard across the bridge, then turn back around and head toward your team.
  20. Kill the guards surrounding the big house (there will also be a couple up on the roof). Follow your team to the next area, kill a few guards along the way and your chopper will finally show up. Move to the extraction point to earn an ACHIEVEMENT and complete the mission.

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