Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Raven Strike Walkthrough

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Cold Walker

  1. Move across the field toward the regroup point. When you get about 25 clicks away, stop at the fence. Tag two guards straight ahead and have your team take them out. Advance to that position and turn left so you are looking down at the barn.
  2. Deploy your drone and fly it over the barn. Tag the sniper in the far watchtower and the rifleman down below on the right side of the barn, then call for a sync shot. Next fly over to the right side of the barn, tag the two guards near the rock and have them eliminated.
  3. You should then only have six guards to worry about at the front of the barn. Tag the two on the right and have them taken out when they are a safe distance away from the other guards. Tag the other three guards near the center of the barn, exit drone view, call for a sync shot and kill the fourth to eliminate all guards on the outside.
  4. Cut to the left and head down the slope to the barn. Move around to the right side of the barn and hop through the window. If you switch to magnetic vision, you’ll see the two guards in here. Tag the one on the upper level to the right, then sneak up behind the one sitting down and take them both out.
  5. With the area clear, exit the barn and head up and slope. When you reach the vineyard, go prone and switch to magnetics. There will be four guard spread out coming toward you—tag three of them and take out the fourth on the far left yourself as you execute a sync shot.
  6. Cut through the vineyard and perform a stealth kill on the lone guard. After the helicopter flies over and drops off troops, wait for it to fly back over you, then head down the path toward the village.
  7. Stay to the left to hide behind the bushes. When you get about 70 clicks away from the regroup point, take out the two nearby guards (on one the road, the other to the right behind the sandbags).
  8. Cross over the road and take cover in the bushes on the other side. Wait for two more choppers to fly over, then crawl over to the far stack of sandbags (after the guards pass by). Tag the lone guard in the back, then look left and tag two more standing by the truck. Wait for your team to have a clear shot of their targets, then call for the sync shot as you take out the fourth.
  9. Head for the truck (make sure you keep going prone every time a chopper flies over), then drop down into the large drainage ditch. Move forward and turn left up the stairs just before the train underpass.
  10. Climb up the ladder on the nearby building and perform a stealth kill on the one guard. Tag the two guars to the right and have your team take them out. Tag the other two guards down below, then follow your team down the roof after you call for the kill.
  11. Meet up at the regroup point in front of the train. Following the short cutscene, exit the train and hop up onto the platform. Cut through the station to get to the tracks on the other side. Follow your team to some cover and since there is so much cover in the train yard, throw stealth out the window and unload on the large group of enemies here (if you’ve been trying to complete the 20 head-shot kills with a handgun, this is the perfect spot to complete it).
  12. Kick ass and take names as you make your way to a few regroup points. Once your reach the next train station, head down the stairs on the left to take you underground. There will be a few guards down here (use magnetics to spot them), so stake them out when you spot them.
  13. This underground path will take you to some stairs up to a catwalk. Take cover and kill the enemies on the other side. Take out the next wave of enemies over to the left on the other side, then head down the catwalk and head down the stairs.
  14. Cross over the tracks and head up the stairs. Head around to the next area. Turn right and drop off the catwalk through the break in the railing. Walk up to the train car and deploy the drone. Bring it down to the ground, drive it up the ramp to the door and use a sonic pulse.
  15. Head inside the train car, stand in front of the computer and watch a short cutscene. Move froward out of the train car, go up the short ramp, turn left and take cover behind the railing (this is the best spot to survive the ambush.
  16. Kill the first wave on the ground, a second wave up on the catwalks, then a third on the ground again. You can clear the area from this spot to complete the mission and earn an ACHIEVEMENT.

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