Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Raven Strike Walkthrough

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Argent Thunder

  1. After you catch the fallen guard, move up toward the police car. After you cross the street, turn left down the stairs by the lights. Turn right and head along the river. Stop about halfway and take out the lone guard across the river.
  2. Deploy your drone and fly it over to the right to get a lock on the Bodark officer. Continue along the river and climb up the ladder once you reach it. Perform a stealth kill on the guard to the left and move across to the other side of the underpass.
  3. Turn left, sneak up on the patrolling guard and perform a stealth kill. When you get to the wall, deploy your drone again, tag the three guards (one will be farther down than the rest) on the bridge and and take out the fourth using sync shot (you should be able to kill one from near the ladder without being on the bridge itself).
  4. Climb up the ladder, deploy your done again and like before, tag the enemies just up the way and perform a sync shot to take all four out to make your work easy. In order to clear the area, you’ll then have to destroy the BTR-90 (the tank) on the bridge using frag grenades.
  5. With the area clear, follow you team down the street. Walk past the regroup point and turn up the stairs on the right. Walk back toward the regroup point and climb up the ladder on the left.
  6. You’ll have four guards to take out here—two patrolling on the roof to the left and two up on the catwalk to the right. Tag three of them and you take out the fourth using a sync shot.
  7. Go to the regroup point and wait for your team. After you make the jump, climb up the ladder to get to the next roof. Turn left and then a quick right and while crouched, cut across the roof.
  8. Turn right and kill the lone guard on patrol. Walk toward the red letters on the room and turn left at the corner. Kill anther patrolling guard under the catwalk. Walk to the end of the wall and deploy the drone.
  9. Tag the sniper up on the solar panel things as well as the two patrolling guards to the left. Exit drone view and take out the fourth patrolling guard walking under the solar panels when you call out a sync shot.
  10. Turn left and take cover. Tag the patrolling guard in front of you as well as another off in the distance (to the left of the red letters) and have them executed. You should have two more guards to kill down in front of the other set of red letters—go take them out, then head for “Send Drone” point.
  11. Fly the drone out over the roof, then under the overhang, past the fans and through the vent. Hover over the area and wait for your target to exit the humvee. After you exit drone view, follow your team to the regroup point to repel down the roof.
  12. After you break through the window, quickly take out as many guards as possible while the game goes into slow-mo. Quickly grab cover to the right when slow-mo ends, and unload on attacking enemies (use the marking feature to have your teammates help you).
  13. After you take out the first wave, begin to advance. Take out all attacking enemies, then, once the area is clear, grab the data off the body. Follow your team back outside and turn left down the street. Head down the stairs and wait for your team at the regroup point.
  14. After your team lifts up the bay door, head down the hallway and make your way to the regroup point. Following the cutscene, head down the stairs, then up the next set of stairs to take you back outside.
  15. Turn left down the street with your team, Take cover behind a barricade, then deploy your drone. Fly it over the area and tag the sniper on the roof straight ahead, the patrolling guard just below him and another sniper way off in the distance to the right.
  16. Exit drone view and call for a sync shot. Turn right down the alley and perform a stealth kill on the one guard. Head back to your team. Find cover and deploy the drone again. Tag the LMG, what should be the third Bodark officer and two of the three riflemen. Exit drone view and call for a sync shot, making sure you quickly take out two of the three riflemen (note: don’t move up to close in this spot, otherwise the tank will see you).
  17. With them dead, stealthily move up the right side of the area. As you cross the street, quickly make your way to cover halfway across, then make a dash for the stairs. Head up and around to retrieve the hard drive off the officer.
  18. Continue across the area (stay low to remain unseen), go downstairs and on to the regroup point. Wait for you team, then head up the stairs. Walk to the other side and deploy your drone. Tag the rifleman on the catwalk across from you and the two patrolling guards below and take them out with a sync shot.
  19. Still in drone view, head down the street to the right, tag the sniper on the center platform and guard below and order them to be taken out. Fly the drone out a little farther and you’ll spot the fourth and final Bodark officer.
  20. Exit drone view and head toward the street. Stay hidden behind the white jeep before going into the street to avoid being spotted by the transport truck. Cross the street and use a sync shot to take out the two snipers up on the balcony of the skyscraper to the left.
  21. Cross back to the other side of the street and continue forward. Turn right along the rail guard and move between the large pillars. Take out the sniper right in front of you and the last officer off in the distance on the balcony with another sync shot to earn an ACHIEVEMENT.
  22. Advance and take cover behind the white jeep. Chuck an EMP grenade to disable the tank, then use frags to destroy it (there’s a weapons resupply crate behind you here if you need more grenades/ammo).
  23. Once the tank is destroyed, move up and destroy the sentry to the right with a few rounds of rifle shots. Meet up with your team, then head up the stairs. Take out the sniper on the roof to the left, get to the street and take out another sniper on the balcony to the right.
  24. Get to your team and take out the loan guard coming down this next street. Continue forward. Turn left into the parking area and take out the two patrolling guards in the back corner. Walk all the way around the backside of the building and kill the final guard to clear the area (use your drone if you are having trouble finding all of the guards), complete the mission and earn an ACHIEVEMENT.

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Table of Contents

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