Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Deep Fire

  1. Move along the far right side as you make your way toward the drilling ship. Once you get about 235 clicks from the ship, turn left across the path in between the two gates with the red flashing lights.
  2. Hop up on the ledge and move forward. Move around to the left, using the small mounds of snow as cover. Continue to the far left side where the containers are, then continue north toward the ship.
  3. Once you get to the ship, there will be two guards at the bottom of the ramp. Stealthily slip by them by hugging the left side of the ramp. Move all the way up to the top and take cover behind the forklift.
  4. Quickly and stealthily move to the nearby pillar, then get to the nearby boxes to the left. Once your team joins you, tag the two guars in front of you as well as the two off in the distance to the left. Eliminate them with a sync shot.
  5. Cut across the area. Take out the guard up on the catwalk and the one directly below on ground level, then regroup in the back left corner. Regroup in the back left corner and head through the door.
  6. Head through the hallway and enter through the door at the end. Head down the stairs and perform a stealth kill at the guard near the railing. Walk around and don the stairs, stealthily sneak behind the nearby guard and perform another stealth kill.
  7. Turn left and head through the generators. Tag the the guard walking up on the catwalk straight ahead. Once your team member moves into place, head down the stairs and quickly take cover. Tag the guard over on the catwalk to the right, then tag the lone guard at ground level and take out the other two after you call for the synch shot.
  8. With the area clear, sprint to the back right corner and head through the open doors. Grab some ammo from the crate on the right, then turn around and head down the corridor. Hug the wall at the door and throw in a sensor. Take cover behind the nearby creates and eliminate the guards up on the catwalk and by the stairs.
  9. Head up the series of flights of stairs, killing enemies along the way. Move quickly because you’ll only have 3:30 to get to the top. After you get up the last set of stairs, you’ll be blindsided by fire. Get back up and quickly head down the hallway.
  10. Hug the wall near the door, throw a sensor inside and clear the room. Walk over to the main system and hack it. Exit through the door and follow your team around the outside of the catwalk. Turn right at the opening and wait for your team by the door.
  11. Turn right down the hallway, then left through the open doorway. Cut across the room and turn left through the open double doors. Quickly take cover to the left, peek around, tag the three guards and take them out using sync shot. Sprint up thee stairs and wait for your team.
  12. Now outside, turn left, resupply from the crate and head up the steps. Crouch behind some cover after switching to night vision, tag the three guards to the right, order the sync shot and kill the two on the left side.
  13. Kill two more attacking guards, then take cover and eliminate the few enemies up on the second deck of the ship. Get over to the far left side and head down the stairs. Turn right across the catwalk, take cover behind the railing and kill all of the guards below.
  14. After you clear the area, head down the next set of stairs and then down to ground level. You’ll then be ambushed with fire from enemies on both the right and left catwalks, as well as guards coming at you from the front.
  15. Once you eliminate these enemies, you’ll have more to deal with up on the catwalk in front of you (use sensors to help you). Adjust your cover accordingly to make sure you’re always protected and if you need extra ammo (or sensors), there will be some in the back right corner.
  16. Once the entire area is clear, follow your team up the ladder on the other side. Head up the stairs on the left and wait for your team by the door. Follow your team up to the helipad (use the weapon’s box if you want for a short cutscene).
  17. Machine gun time! You’ll then get to unload on a bunch of unsuspecting Russian humvees and trucks as you fly over them. You’ll also have to destroy an enemy chopper. After that, there will be another Russian camp to destroy and then you’ll have to clear a ship and destroy another chopper.

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