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Valiant Hammer

  1. Move forward along the trail. When you get to big cutoff tree trunk, stop and send out a drone. Fly it forward and tag the three guards walking along the trail and the fourth around the cabin. Move forward (go prone if the red bar flashes to avoid being spotted), wait for your team to get into position, then kill No. 4 after you order the synch shot.
  2. Get out the done again and fly it down the trail. Tag the two guards in front of the next cabin and the third on the backside. Move down the trail and break off to the left side along the gate.
  3. Take cover behind the stack of 2X4s and pull out the drone again. Wait for the guard walking along the trail to go north, then from the drone call a sync shot to kill the three targets. Next tag, the next three guards coming down the trail and have them tagged and killed
  4. Sprint down the trail with your team once the area is clear. Once you make contact again, go prone and pull out the drone. Tag the nearby foot solider and the two guards in the second-floor windows of the big cabin. Move up so you can see the guard up on the hill to the left, then take him out as you order the sync shot.
  5. Fly the drone again and tag and kill the three patrolling guards to the right of the cabin. Still flying the drone, tag the last two guards on the left side of the cabin and take them out. Move up along the trail on the left and regroup with your team at the ledge.
  6. Following the short cutscene, head down the trail to the left. Once you make contact, stealthily move over to the red tractor and pull out the drone. Fly over the bridge, then tag and kill the three guards (once behind each barrack and a third doing patrol).
  7. Exit drone view and proceed forward through the break in the fence on to the other side of the area. Take cover behind the cart carrying the tree logs and pull out the drone again. Tag the one down the trail from you, the sniper up on the tower, the one in the window and the once to the far right behind the shed. Move up a bit so where you can see the fourth (just to the right of the cabin) and take him out as you perform a sync shot.
  8. There will be one more guard to kill here before you advance to the next area. When you arrive, it’s easier to use cover here and just rely on your own bullets to clear the area. After you have done so, follow the blue indicator and head up the stairs to the building and gather the intel from the desk.
  9. Follow your team back down the stairs, go right and use the turret around the bags. Use the turret to destroy the tank and clear the area of guards. Meet up with your team at the regroup point.
  10. Following the short cutscene, head down the stairs and take cover behind the wagon. After the tanks pass, you can change your guns and ammo up if need be (over to the right) before following your team across the street.
  11. After you head through the gates, turn left and head up the stairs (located about 40 clicks from the secure point). Walk around to the balcony, tag three enemies (the furthest ones away) and take out a fourth. Kill the rest of the enemies and move forward.
  12. Use the houses as cover as you make your way forward and kill all attacking enemies. Once you get about 30 clicks away from the next artillery tank, use the drone to tag enemies and order your team to take them out to help clear a path (specifically enemies manning turrets).
  13. Once you clear the area, get over to the artillery tank, climb up the ladder, walk around to the back side and plant a charge to destroy it. Next, follow the blue icon on your screen to lead you to the machine gun on the bus. Take out the two humvees and all attacking enemies.
  14. Once the area is clear, cross diagonally to the left and hope through the window of the bus. After you pass the windmill on the right, kill the two guards up ahead and advance.
  15. Take cover behind the stack of logs to the left and take out the two troops in the far wagon. Continue around the path. Take out the guard up on the steps through the open gates on the right. Head up the steps and eliminate the enemies down below on the other side.
  16. Exit back out through the gates, turn right and enter through the door. Make a right, head down stairs and go plant a charge on the artillery. Head back upstairs, ammo up if you need to, then exit through the door, turn right down the road and meet up with your teammates.
  17. Move up and wait for your teammates to head through the doors. Following the short cutscene, head outside and take cover behind the wall. Use your sniper (and your drone if you need it) to take out all enemies here and clear the graveyard. Once the area is clear, follow your team through the break in the wall on the right side.
  18. Follow the team to the regroup point. Following the short cutscene, follow your team up the river bank. Use your drone to tag the enemy on the far left and the two far ones on the center path. Call the synch shot and take out the other two on the path and the one on the far right.
  19. Advance forward on the right side. You’ll have a lot of enemies spread out here, so use smoke to help with cover as you advance from building to building. Use RB to target the turret gunners to have your team help you take them out.
  20. Get through that little neighborhood, then regroup at the gate. Move forward toward the old, shoddy house. Switch to magnetics and you’ll be able to see nearby enemies through the wall. Tag the three (two near the car and one straight ahead), then order a sync shot as you drop through the whole in the ground to the left.
  21. Move forward and grab some ammo and grenades to the right before moving up the ramp on the left. Take cover and chuck some grenades at the tank. Once the wall to the right of you explodes, follow your team to the right and meet at the regroup point.
  22. This next part will be chaos. Use the pillars and walls as cover as your move around, and make sure you do move because you’ll be encountering fire from all sides. When you get word that you’ll have air support, you’ll have to stay alive another minute to complete the mission. Just don’t let the attacking enemies get too close to your position or else you’re screwed.

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