Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Gallant Thief

  1. Move up and perform a stealth kill on the guard walking past the container. Turn right past the container and then on up the hill. Move to the left side of the path and take cover behind the big cement pipes.
  2. Throw a sensor to see the outlines of the four guards in this area, then walk past them, staying on the far left side, and then on down the backside of the hill. Stay to the and cross the path to the other side.
  3. Cross over the other path (leading toward the prison) at the guard rail. Hug the wall, slowly move back and take out the lone guard standing at the guard shack. Walk around the wall, move behind the guard shack. Go right, head around the truck and move forward, sneaking past the other two guards in the process.
  4. Head through the open bay door, then head through the door on the left. Go through the next door. Pull out your drone and drive it through the vent on the ground next to the door. Once you exit the vent, drive it through the doorway straight ahead and use a sonic pulse to disable the controls in the left corner.
  5. Head through the now open door and follow the blue indicator. Once back outside, turn right and perform a stealth kill on the lone guard near the stack of pallets, then head for the door with the flashing red light.
  6. When you find out that you can’t hack it, head down the slope and turn left at the bottom. Move along the right side of the truck (stealthily) and stay to the right to avoid being seen by guards.
  7. Once the path begins to curve, head up the slope to the left. Hug the left wall at the top, peek around the corner and eliminate the lone guard. When you head through the door the guard was guarding, you’ll find out that the next door has a retinal scanner.
  8. Turn around and head through the other door opposite of you. Head down the hallway, through the next door and then go and stand at the marker in front of the window for a short cutscene.
  9. Head down the hallway and turn right at the open door. Take out the two guards with two quick head shots, then hack the system. Exit the room and head back outside. Go down the slope, cross over the path and plant the first beacon.
  10. Turn left in between the portables, then go right down the path. Stealth kill the guard on the left side near the light (grab some more sensors on the right if you want). Cut over to the right side of the path and sneak around the back of the guard in the middle of the path to perform a stealth kill.
  11. Turn left and it will be a clear path to plant the next beacon. Turn back around, stay to the right and steathily slip past any patrolling guards. Go left at the dead end if you stay out of the light, it will be a straight shot to the third beacon.
  12. Turn right. You can either use stealth or kill the guards here (one near the truck, one in the guard shack and one on the other side of the guard shack. If you go the stealth route, remember to be patient because the guards will move around.
  13. Plant the fourth beacon in the left corner, then head forward through the open gates. Head up the slope and turn left through the door with the red flashing light. Follow the blue icon around to the elevator.
  14. Following the short cutscene, head down the path. Crouch behind the supplies on the pallet on the left, then take out the guard up on the catwalk first, followed by the one under the yellow and black sign over to the right and the third closest to you with head shots.
  15. Turn left and head down the corridor. Perform a stealth kill at the end. Turn right and wait for the patrolling guard to have his back to you, then perform another stealth kill. Turn left up the stairs and kill the two guards up here (one stationary on the left, one patrolling).
  16. Proceed forward. Kill the guard down the corridor to the right with a headshot where you reach the pillar with the fire extinguisher. Head forward into the next area and perform a long-range kill shot on the guard patrolling the area.
  17. Unleash the drone and drive it both vent shafts on the left wall. After you’ve inspected the cell, exit and then exit drone view and continue forward. Kill the lone guard through the window on the right, then turn left down the ramp.
  18. Hug the left wall and kill the unsuspecting guard who will walk out the door. Instead of going through the door, take cover behind the backside of the pallet, then explore the vent closest to you with the drone.
  19. When you find Volodin, use a sonic pulse to open the door to his cell. Drive the drone back out, exit drone view and head in his room to get him. Head through the door on the other side and head straight down the hallway (you may have to kill a patrolling guard or two here).
  20. Turn left up the stairs at the dead end, then turn right and wait at the bay door for him to join you. Following the short cutscene, follow Volodin to the right. Follow him through all the fire to the extraction point.
  21. Once you get to the top of the hill, resupply if you need to, then protect Volodin by killing attacking enemies coming up the hill to complete the mission.

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