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Invisible Bear

  1. Follow your team down the street. Once you spot the tank (about 100 clicks out from the infiltration point), follow your team up the stairs to the right. Tag the two guards in front of you, then tag the third and take out the fourth over on the wall across from you as you call out a sync shot.
  2. Head around the outside of the area, then turn right through the doorway at the end. Wait for your teammates, then head up the stairs for a cutscene. Take out the two snipers with two head shots, then pick up the sniper from the weapon’s box in the back corner.
  3. Head over to the window on the left. Take cover and kill the three snipers on the roof of the building across from you. Move over to the far right and kill the two snipers in windows below the letters and one in the window above them (there will be pretty tricky to spot). Move back to the left and kill the fourth sniper on the roof of this building.
  4. Next, a chopper will show up. Hug the wall for cover and wait until it leaves. After it does, you’ll have to kill two more snipers in the windows of building on the right. Move over to the left and kill the final sniper on the second tier of the roof (you’ll probably have to shoot through one of the letters to get him).
  5. With the area clear, follow your team through the doorway for a cutscene. Following that, take cover and get ready for a crazy gun battle. Use magnetics and EMP grenades to help you spot enemies and take them out.
  6. Move forward with your team as they advance. When you get about 80 clicks away from the secure point, look for a ramp to get up on top of the scaffolding so you can get more EMP grenades from a resupply box.
  7. Once you get to the end of the area and have cleared it, resupply from the box in the room on the left, then follow your team up the ramp. Following the cutscene, follow your team downstairs and back outside.
  8. Move forward toward the street and turn left onto the sidewalk. Take cover behind the silver heating units as you move forward. Get to the back side of the trucks (make sure you have cover) and kill the two unsuspecting guards.
  9. The majority of the enemies in this area will in the this circular area around the trucks. Once you’ve taken care of them, move out to the middle of the road and take cover while to you take out the next wave of enemies.
  10. Once you’ve cleared the area, follow your teammates down the stairs to the right. Head up the next set of stars and quickly take cover behind the cement barricade. Use a grenade launcher to destroy the tank.
  11. Go left, resupply from the crate behind the truck, then follow your team into the fast food joint. Take cover behind the counter top facing the window and take out the attacking enemies who roll up. There will be a ton of them and they’ll try to flank you, so scan the whole street and be accurate with your shots.
  12. After another tank rolls up, use the grenade launcher to destroy it, then finishing killing the rest of the Russians to clear the area. Follow your team across the street to the regroup point for a cutscene.
  13. Head out into the office and take cover behind the nearest desk. Switch to magnetics and use EMP grenades to help you identify enemies and clear the room. After you do, resupply from the box at the back of the room.
  14. Wait for your team at the elevator, then head up the ladder. Following the cutscene, follow your one teammate down the hall to plant an explosive. After the wall explodes, take out all enemy guards and take cover behind the meeting table. With them dead, move up and kill Bukharov hiding behind the desk.

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