Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Shattered Mountain

  1. Advance forward toward the road. As it starts to bend, tag the two patrolling guards and use sync shot to take them out. Cross over the road and continue up the left side.
  2. Once you get to the truck, tag the two guards on both sides of the street in front of the gate and the third on the balcony of the house. Stealthily move up and take out the sniper up on the house on the hill on the other side as you call out the sync shot.
  3. Regroup with your team at the gate and advance down the road. Use a sync shot to kill the three guards up the road. Break off to the left toward the house. Stealthily move up to the cart and crouch behind it. Tag the two soldiers standing guard next to the house, then switch to magnetics and kill Yunkov through the window as you order the sync shot.
  4. Kill the last soldier around the backside of the house to clear the area. Head back down the path toward your next target. Head toward the house and crouch under the window at the front of the house.
  5. Switch to magnetics and tag the two guards at the back of the house. Order the sync shot, then eliminate Grigoryev and the three other soldiers in this room (don’t shoot the hostage). Head around the back and kill the rest of the guards to clear the area.
  6. Ammo up from the cases in the back of the house, then head for the regroup point. Head through the forest toward your next target. When the 5:00 timer goes, sprint through the forest so you don’t waste time.
  7. When you hit the wall, cut through the opening to the left. Head down the slope and perform a stealth kill on the guard walking along the back wall of the house. Move up to the break in the wall, switch to magnetics and wait for Ryzhkov to walk by then tag him.
  8. Exit magnetics, stay crouched and move through the break in the wall to the left. Hop through the window and tag Zadornov. Stealthily move over to the railing on the right and hop over it.
  9. Switch to magnetics. When the coast is clear, cross over to the stable on the other side. Turn left and head through the doorway. Move behind the cart to wall and put Slepyshev in your crosshairs. When your shooters are in position, call the sync shot and shoot Slepyshev to eliminate the three targets.
  10. Kill the two guards who will walk out through the doorway on the right. Head toward the secure point on your screen, find some cover and clear the rest of the area of guards.
  11. After you regroup with your team, follow them up into the second story of the nearby barn. Resupply if you need to, then hug the wall next to the ramp kill the two guards that try to enter into the barn, then use sync shot to kill the three walking outside near the white Bobcat earth mover (they’ll be difficult to see because they’ll have the same cloaking equipment as you).
  12. Move over to the window on the right where there will be move “invisible” Russians to take out. You’ll then have to alternate between windows and clear the area of all of their special ops forces.
  13. Once you clear the area, sprint with your team to the regroup point. Trudge through the swamp to the next regroup point. Kill the two guards in the distance and sprint after the final two targets.
  14. Sprint through the homes and then through the forest to catch up with your final two targets. Throw stealth to the wind here and light up Tereschenko. Continue to sprint after Petrakov, but keep in mind that when reach the part of the road with the walls, there will be enemies on the other side. You don’t need to kill them all, but watch out because they’ll fire lots of bullets and even RPGs
  15. Head through the break in the wall on the other side of the road and take out the RPG behind the tree and continue forward. Take out the enemies who pour out of the humvee when it rolls up and the other guards behind the brick remnants (use magnetics to help you).
  16. Head up the slope over on the right, take cover behind the wall and take out the the few guards behind the trees. Continue forward and use magnetics again to help you eliminate the guards in this area while you continue to chase down Petrakov. Get to the lookout point for a cutscene and the end of the game.

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