Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Nimble Guardian

  1. Follow your team and take cover behind the wall up ahead. When prompted to, press LB to throw a sensor to identify enemies. Take out the two at 12 o’clock, then take out the other two over to the left after they move out from behind the wall.
  2. Press A to hop over the barricade. Pick up any ammo and follow your team through the short alley to the next area. Head down the stairs, take cover at the wall and chuck another sensor down below for
  3. With the VIP identified (the fat dude highlighted with a blue marker), take out the four hostiles down below. With the four down, two more will come out from the alley. Move around to the right to take them out.
  4. Continue to the right, take cover behind the short wall and kill the three enemies in the windows. Watch out—there will also be two on the roof that you need to take out.
  5. Once the area is cleared, continue around to the right. Pick up the ammo on the crate, turn around, crouch against the wall, throw a sensor down below and clear the area. There will be a couple on the roof to the left and some down and to the right.
  6. Following the short cutscene, take out the gunners on the humvees that show up. Next, reload on ammo and round up with your team in front of the bay door. Follow your team up the ladder and then under the blue tarps.
  7. Once you get in front of the building on the left, throw a sensor on the ground. Hold your position next to the door, then press A to breach. The game will go into slo-mo, giving you ample time to clear the four enemies in the room.
  8. Head up the ramp. After your team exits through the bay door, head up the street and and take cover behind the building on the left. Select your frag grenades and chuck a few around the corner.
  9. Cut right, take cover behind the cement barricade and eliminate any remaining enemies. Move up to the red cart, then head up the long slope to the left.
  10. When the humvee with the gunner pulls up, take cover behind the building to the left. Utilize Swap Cover here, by holding A until you reach the blue highlighted area to avoid getting lit up. Once you reach the brick wall at the end, go right up the steps and kill the gunner around the corner.
  11. Go right and follow your team up the steep road. Take cover behind the cement barricade at the top, use a sensor here (the enemies will be hard to see) and then take them out.
  12. Pick up any ammo or guns if you want, then head up the slope to the left. Continue up the stairs at the top, press B to crouch under the barricade and then follow your team off the ledge.
  13. Turn left up the street. Following the explosion, join your team behind the white truck and take out the two RPGs on the roofs on either side of the street. If you don’t take care of them quickly, you’ll end up dead.
  14. With the area clear, follow your team up the road. After you hop over the wall, head up the stairs to the right. Head for the blue gun icon and pick up a weapon with a suppressor on it.
  15. Round up with your team in front of the doors. Take a position on the right side of the door to help open it. Take cover behind the beat-up truck and chuck a sensor to identify enemies.
  16. You’ll have to be stealthy but quick here. You only have roughly four minutes to get the VIP, but if you’re spotted, they’ll kill him. Move up to the barrels on the right, stay crouched and continue up along the right side.
  17. Perform a stealth kill on the lone enemy, then make your way up the stairs, staying crouched. Enter through the doorway at the top. Take cover along the wall next to the next doorway. There will be a guard across the way—take him out, but make your shot count.
  18. Exit, pick up the ammo on the crate to the right and turn right, following your team up the path. Sprint for the building. Crouch under the window to the left of the door and press A to rescue Paez when prompted to. Kill the three enemies on the inside after you break in.
  19. Once you and your team exit the room with with Paez, take out the gunner and the driver in the truck that roll up. Once you go down on the floor, kill the enemies up in the buildings across the way.
  20. As your team heads down the path to the left, make sure not to kill any civilians and take out the two enemies (they’ll be flashing red) at the end of the path. You’ll then cut through an alley on the right and make your way around. Fight off a few more attacking enemies to complete the mission.

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