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Subtle Arrow

  1. Following the opening scene, sneak up behind the enemy and perform a stealth kill. Follow your team and head for the observation point. Stay on the outside of the next village as you make your way forward.
  2. When you reach the end, use your stealth to sneak up on the guards holding the hostages and take them out before proceeding forward. On your way toward the next village, press B to go prone when prompted to.
  3. When the coast is clear, get back to your feet and head toward the burning building on the left. Hop over the barricade and take cover behind the white truck. If you’re super stealthy, you can sneak up around the path to the right without being detected. Get to the top of the hill and then sprint across to the observation point for a cutscene.
  4. Make your way down the backside of the hill and take cover behind the rock. Use your scope and tag the enemies down in front of the truck using RB to perform a sync shot and kill them all at once (make sure you aim at one of them and that you all fire at the same time to avoid getting the hostage killed).
  5. Head down to the truck for a cutscene. When you arrive at your destination, proceed forward toward your marker. From a safe distance out, tag the four guards and use sync shot again to kill them all at once without being detected (don’t forget about the one on the roof).
  6. Follow your team around to the right and get to the backside of the building. Head between the rows of tents on the left. Sneak up behind the armed guard and perform a stealth kill (don’t worry, the two guys in the chairs are civilians).
  7. Go forward, turn right, tag one of the guards using RB, then take the other out yourself using sync shot. Walk over the bodies (past the car) and turn left at the dead end of the tents.
  8. Move up to the stack of tires and use sync shot to kill the two guards around the well. Proceed forward. After you pass the women carrying the water tubs on their heads, hold up under the tent and set up a sync shot at the two guards behind the group of women just up ahead.
  9. Following the short cutscene, perform a stealth kill on the nearby guard. Look out and use yours scope to take out the gunner on top of the truck. Go right, under the tent and take cover behind the stack of bags.
  10. Look left and tag the three guards behind the stacks of supplies. Look right, mark the guy in the orange tank top for you to take out, then execute a sync shot. Go forward and turn right through the break in the wall.
  11. Go left past the tent (toward the road). Wait for the three guards to disperse, then cross the road and go behind the white car. Go forward between the two tents and perform a stealth kill on the guard who breaks off to the right.
  12. After your team meets up with you, tag the two guards coming down the path and perform a sync shot. Go to the white car, turn right and take cover behind the stacks of bags. Tag the three guards (one on the roof, two on the ground) and then take a sync shot with you killing Macaba.
  13. With them dead, go left toward the airstrip. Turn right and hold your position at the colorful crates. Tag the four guards (one on the roof, two near the truck, one behind the bags) and perform a sync shot.
  14. Continue forward. There will be three more guards to kill to the right as you’re making your way through the huts. After you take them out, it will be a straight shot to the airstrip.
  15. Following the short cutscene, from your position on top of the hill, tag the three guards (two walking by in the distance, one standing next to the tree) and take them out.
  16. Head toward your team. Tag the lone guard standing in the entrance to the far left hangar. Move forward toward the right hangar. Look left (past the forklift), tag the other two guards and eliminate all three with a sync shot.
  17. To the right of the right hangar, look out into the distance and kill the sniper up in the watchtower. Walk past the forklift, kill the guard that will come out of the far hangar and then hug the wall of the hangar you are closest to.
  18. Peek around and kill the lone guard patrolling the catwalk. Cross over and head into the entrance of the far hangar. Walk to the other side, tag the three guards to the right of the airplane and eliminate the fourth up in the watchtower to the right.
  19. Sprint out to the plane. Chuck a couple of grenades and then unload on the propellors to take it down. You’ll now have to make your way to where the plane will go down. Turn around and head through the hangar (you will find a weapons crate in the right corner if you have not already checked it out).
  20. Turn up the hill to the right and kill the three enemies in the truck coming down toward you. Switch to magnetic goggles so you can actually see where you’re going as you proceed forward.
  21. After you pass the second parked car, two trucks with enemies will come from the right—let them pass before continuing on to next village. When you arrive, use a sync shot to kill the guard on the roof and the two in the truck. Move around to the far left and kill the lone guard on that side.
  22. Head forward and kill the lone guard walking up between the row of tents. Proceed forward with your team through the tents. From this point forward, stealth goes out the window. Luckily, because of the sandstorm, you’ll be that much harder to detect.
  23. After you kill the last group of guards at the end of the village, you’ll have to sprint across the desert to beat the hostiles to the crash site. Once you spot the plan, kill the enemies around the outside, then get to the middle of the crash with your team.
  24. You’ll then be ambushed. Head through the cabin to find some ammo if you need it. With your team in the trench giving you covering fire, head through the other side of the broken plane, sneak around to the left and kill the gunner in the truck.
  25. Head for the tail of the plane where another gunner will stop. Go way wide to the right and take out the gunner and kill the rest of the unsuspecting enemies who will be hiding behind rocks. After a third gunner truck shows up, take it out, then meet up under the helicopters that will show up to complete the mission.

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