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Noble Tempest

  1. Deploy your drone and quickly hit RT to let if fly. Take it to the “gather intel” point to locate the four hostiles inside. Exit the drone view, then move around to the backside of the hut (around the stairs).
  2. Take your position next to the door, breach and kill the four hostiles inside. Exit through the door, turn left and head into the city. From a safe distance, tag the three enemies talking to the natives and take them out with a sync shot.
  3. Continue forward. When the path curves around to the right, hug the wall before heading out into the street. Take out the enemy across the street, then follow your team across.
  4. After you cross and go down the slope, take out the few attacking guards and head for the oil harbor for a cutscene. Set out another drone, fly it forward and mark the three targets. Wait for your team to lock on to all three, then hold RB to take them out.
  5. After you exit from the drone view, hold LB to call your drone back. Sprint down the path to meet up with your teammates, then advance to the front of the bridge. Take cover behind a barricade and use your drone to locate all enemy forces on the other side.
  6. Exit drone view and move up to the last barricade on the bridge. Tag four enemies and take them out. Next, quickly kill the remaining enemies and clear the area (make sure you get the guy up on the catwalk). Sprint diagonally to the left toward the blue container to grab Sykes.
  7. You’ll then go gangster and have kill fight off enemies using a pistol in one hand. When prompted to, press and hold X to call in an airstrike. Use the right toggle stick and guide the missile at the two helicopters (the two orange triangles).
  8. Once inside the hangar, follow Sykes to the other side and down the few flights of stairs. Go left, enter through the break in the sewer pipe and turn right. Follow the blue icon until it leads you back outside where a chopper will meet you to pick up Sykes.
  9. Cross diagonally to the right and turn right into the open sewer tunnel. After you exit the tunnel, send off a drone and fly it over the nearby area, target the four enemies and then give the orders to take them out.
  10. Advance forward. After you get through all of the buildings, set out another drone and tag the enemies in the next area. Exit the drone, stealthily move up to one of the stacks of gasoline cans on the left side of the area for cover and perform a sync shot on the nearby enemies.
  11. Move up to the next row of gasoline cans where you will see a bunch of enemies coming toward you. Chuck a couple of grenades and kill the rest using bullets. Move up again, turn right, chuck a sensor to help show where the enemies are and clear the area.
  12. Cross the dirt road, turn left up the steps on the other side and round up with your team. After you enter through the door, follow your team through the courtyard.
  13. Once your reach the door at the top of the slope, head through go around to the right and hop over the series of brick walls. Continue to follow your team/the blue icon.
  14. After you cross the street and head up the steps, go left down the path where the civilians were just running out of. After you head down the stairs, continue straight, then make a right around the building and then a left.
  15. Find some cover and send out a drone. Tag the enemy up patrolling the watchtower as well as the two down below to the right. Exit the drone and perform a sync shot to kill all three.
  16. Head through the doorway of the watchtower, look out the window, tag the four guards off in the distance and perform a sync shot to eliminate them. Exit back through the doorway, turn left and follow your teammates around the walkway leading to the gas station.
  17. Resupply on the ammo crate to the left, then move forward and turn into the doorway on the first building on the left. Look out the window and tag the four enemies (one up in the watch tower, two behind the building to the left and one more to the left), then perform a sync shot.
  18. Go forward through the next doorway, but make sure you stay out of the line of sight of the chopper. Sprint forward and take cover behind the small house. Peek around to the left and kill the two guards up on the roof in the distance.
  19. Proceed forward and turn right and the end of the path up the slope between the palm trees. Cross the street and round up with your team behind the white car at the gas station.
  20. Following the short cutscene, follow your team across the street and back down the slope. Go back the same way you came, using the buildings as cover to avoid being spotted by the chopper.
  21. Once you get back down to the beach, take cover behind a cement barricade and throw a sensor to identify your targets. Kill the two by the boat near the water and a third up and to the left (closer to you) with a sync shot.
  22. Sprint to extraction point and wait for your team to complete the mission.

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