Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Tiger Dust

  1. Hop over the wall, go forward, then jump up the brick wall to the right. Crouch and move forward to the wall. Tag the two snipers up on the roofs across the way, as well as the one on the tower to the left. Look down over the ledge and quickly kill the two on the lower riff as you order the sync shot.
  2. Go right and follow your team down the stairs. Hop up the brick wall on the right and proceed forward across the roof. Head down the stairs and follow the path in between the buildings.
  3. When the path opens up, walk around to the front of the building and kill the lone guard off in the distance (next to the satellites). Turn right, drop off the short ledge and hop up the brick ledge on the other side.
  4. Send out a drone, tag the three snipers up on the towers over in the area to the right and take them out with a sync shot. Exit drone view and head down the path on the right between the two buildings. After you drop off the short ledge, turn left for some ammo if you need it, then meet back up with your team.
  5. Crouch behind the wall and send out a drone. Tag the enemy directly across from you and one one on the balcony to the right (behind the watchtower) and have them eliminated. Follow your team across the roof to the right.
  6. Take your position around the glass skylight and wait for your other three teammates. Once you are all in position, set out a drone. You’ll have to get fancy here. Fly the drone over to the left and have it land on the balcony where you just had the one guard taken out. Press B when it lands, drive it through the vent and drive it down the stairs to the right. Drive it to the center of the room and press X to create a sonic pulse.
  7. Following the cutscene, turn to the left and quickly advance to the next car. Switch to your sniper and take out the gunner up on the balcony of the tall burning building. Advance up to the next car and throw a sensor over to the right (behind the bus).
  8. Move up to the front of the bus, hug it for cover and kill the two enemies on the backside. Make your way over to the next bus up and to your left. Throw another sensor and kill the small group of enemies holding their positions here.
  9. Advance again up the white wall on the left, but be careful, because enemies will now start charging you. Throw another sensor if you have to (just so you don’t mistake enemies for civilians) and clear the street. Also, if you peek around from the wall, take out the sniper up in the balcony on your side of the street.
  10. Advance up to the trash dumpster, throw a sensor and take out anymore nearby enemies. Next, deploy a drone and fly it down the street. Mark the two humvees and exit drone view. Kill any enemies, then move up and take out the gunners on top of the humvees from a safe distance.
  11. With the area clear, move up to car for a cutscene. Following that, it will be machine gun time! Keep that finger on RT and unload on the enemy vehicles with an orange triangle on them (you’ll also have to fight off a chopper as well).
  12. Once you land, move forward and hop over the wall toward your helicopter. Before walking out into the street, however, turn right and take cover next to one of the mud-brick huts. After the two trucks pull up down the road from the right, chuck a couple grenades and take them out.
  13. Move forward, clear the rest of the area and meet up with your teammate in front of the turned-over car in the middle of the road.

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