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Silent Talon

  1. Since visibility will be zero, switch to your magnetic goggles. Follow your team and take cover behind the barricade to the left. Tag the guard on the far right, then tag the one on the left and the one sitting in the back of the truck. Wait for the truck to back up and the driver to hop out, then perform a sync shot.
  2. Follow your team (and the little robot thing) around the path to the left. Once you get to the top of the hill, crouch behind the barricade and deactivate your magnetics. Tag the three guards down below to the right and use the Warhound (RT) to fire a mortar at the tank. The tank will probably take at least two more mortar shots to destroy it.
  3. Continue to use the Warhound to fire mortars at attacking enemies. With the area clear, exit Warhound view and follow your team down the slope to the right. When prompted to, use the Warhound again, hit LT to fire a missile, then guide it through the two mountains to hit the communications satellite.
  4. Stay in the Warhound view as it rolls up to the ridge overlooking the base. From there, fire off a missile at the base. Keep your eyes peeled and fire missiles at gunner trucks that will role out on either side of the base.
  5. Once you clear the area, head down to the base where there will be a weapon’s box to change around your guns if you’d like and some ammo. Exit and follow the Warhound up the nearby slope.
  6. Turn right and kill the guys in the truck. Sprint down the other side of the slope and take cover behind sand bags. Use the Warhound again to guide missiles at the enemy up in the watchtower and the helicopter off in the distance to the left of the tower.
  7. Continue to use the Warhound to tank out tanks and foot soldiers as you advance, but make sure to always be behind cover when using the guided missiles. Once you get word that the area is clear, exit Warhound view and continue to follow it to the next area. It will be a straight shot to the boat on the dock for extraction.
  8. Following the short cutscene, sprint down the path. At the turn, you’ll have enemies around the corner. Kill the three enemies, then move forward and take cover behind the railing before you turn right.
  9. As you make the turn, use enter Warhound mode and fire mortars as you are advancing to take out foot soldiers (there will be come up on the catwalk as well).
  10. After you make your way around the submarine, turn right and then left. Quickly find some cover and use a guided missile to take out the two RPGs up on the platforms. Continue to clear a path for yourself using mortars as you advance.
  11. Before advancing too far, there will be turrets that you have to destroy across from you that will be holding down your teammates—use the Warhound to take care of them. Once you get to the stairs, head up them and continue to fire mortar shots at the enemies up on the catwalk up ahead. Move forward to the railing and take out the enemies across from you as well.
  12. Turn left and follow your teammates around. After you cross over the bridge, turn left and follow your blue icon the rest of the way for a short cutscene.
  13. Exit through the big bay doors on the left. Hop over the railing in front of you and take cover behind the container to the left. Use a guided missile to take out the two RPGs up on the towers. Continue forward and use mortars to wipe out enemies hiding behind sandbags.
  14. Once you’ve cleared the area, follow the blue icon to the helicopter landing pad. There, make sure you take cover behind the cement barricades near the mountain, then fire off two guided missiles at the two helicopters.
  15. With those destroyed, follow the Warhound. After you pass the blue flag, take cover behind the big white boxes. Fire mortars at the enemies behind the sandbags just across from you before moving up.
  16. Get to the last line of sandbags and kill the enemies running out of the Weapon’s Cache with more mortar shots. There will also be an RPG up in the watchtower to the left of the satellite and a humvee that will come from the same area (use guided missiles on those).
  17. Focus your attention next to the big building on the right. Take out the turret on the second floor window, as well as enemies on the ground and on the top of the wall to the far right.
  18. Drop off the edge to join your team. If there is another gunner up in the window on the building to the right (or anyone else), take him out and clear the area. Proceed to regroup with your team inside of the building.
  19. Wait for your team, then head down the stairs. Walk onto the catwalk and plant a charge on the huge rocket. Sprint back up the stairs. Following the explosion, sprint through the hole in the wall and take cover.
  20. Use the Warhound to fire a guided missile at the helicopter to take it down. Throw a sensor to locate enemies, then use mortar shots to take them out. From there, move forward up the slope and it will be a straight sprint to the extraction point to complete the mission.

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