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Firefly Rain

  1. Stealthily move through the trees. Switch to night vision and kill the two enemies walking by. Continue forward but stay in the shadows and allow the tanks and foot soldiers to pass.
  2. Continue forward. When you get close enough to the entrance, switch out of night vision and perform a sync shot to kill the four guards at the gate. Head up the slope. Once you get to the top, take cover behind the trash dumpster on the left.
  3. Set out a drone and fly it over the area. The best way to do this is to tag the two snipers on the center and left roofs and the nearby rifleman on the left. Exit drone view, cut across the path to the right and move up the the line of gasoline cans. Quickly, order the sync shot, kill the three in front of you on the far right wall, then swing to your left and quickly light up the last two guards.
  4. Cross over the bridge and regroup with your team inside the airfield base. Wait for your team, then sneak under the door and head downstairs. When you get to the spinning blades, use your drone, fly it up and to the right, have it land on the little ledge, drive it straight down and press X to create a sonic pulse on the controls.
  5. Call back the drone, and head under the first couple of blades that have stopped spinning. You’ll have to repeat this process on the other side to stop the rest of the huge fans. Once they are disabled, head into the roof and follow your team to the ladder.
  6. Follow your team across the airstrip. Take cover at the other side and send out a drone to survey the area. Tag the sniper on the roof to the far left and the two guys on the ground on the far right. Order the sync shot and then quickly take out the three in front of you.
  7. Proceed forward and stop with your team behind the storage bins. Set out another drone (night vision will probably help here). Tag the sniper on the roof, the lone guard on the far left and the guard patrolling in front of the cluster of guards. Move up to a good position, order the sync shot and eliminate the cluster to clear the area.
  8. Continue forward and take cover behind the forklift. Since there are so many guards in this next area, the best way to get through is to use stealth. Head toward the blue infiltration point on your screen by moving up the left side of the airstrip (use cover when necessary).
  9. Once you get close to the hangar doors (but not too close), but through the middle to the right side, where your team should already be headed. Enter through the far right door on the hangar, go around the perimeter and regroup at the bottom of the stairs near the back of the plane. (As long as you move slow and keep a safe distance from enemies, you’ll no problem making it).
  10. Help open the door and follow the blue icon through the hallways. When you get to the room with the three fans, unleash the drone and fly it through the tiny opening above the center fan. Land it, drive it over to the controls on the left side and hit X to create a sonic pulse.
  11. Go prone and crawl under the fans. Head through the doorway and help open the double doors. Head up the two flights of stairs and crouch behind the railing. Unleash the drone, fly it out to the plane, land it and press X to create a sonic pulse.
  12. Since you don’t have to worry about alarms anymore, make sure you have some cover behind the railing, then unload on the enemies below. After you clear the area, head down the stairs and grab cover behind a box where you can and kill the enemies attacking from the left.
  13. You’ll then have to kill a group of enemies up on the catwalk to the let (there will also be some ammo crates at the base of this catwalk). A group of enemies with riot shields will then make their way toward you. Use incendiary grenades to help you take them out.
  14. Meet up with your team in front of the doors after you clear the area and grab some more incendiary grenades from the nearby crate before heading into the next area.
  15. Run around to the back of the humvee and hop up to man the machine gun. You’ll have your typical machine gun-in-a-car scene where you’ll have to shoot at soldiers and destroy attacking trucks as you race by.
  16. After you crash and exit the humvee, head up and to the right through the wreckage. After you pass the ammo crate (grab some if you need it) and head up the steps, take cover and take out the two snipers up on the catwalk.
  17. Continue forward and and turn left up the steps. Wait for your teammates, then head through the doors. Turn on your night-vision goggles as you continue forward and make your way through the sewer (there won’t be any enemies down here).
  18. After you reach the ladder and head through the doors to lead you back outside, take cover behind one of the vehicles. Throw a few incendiary grenades at the wave of attacking guards coming from the north. Once you are done with them, you’ll have to kill off another group that will attack form the right side (keep in mind there will be a nearby crate with more incendiary grenades.
  19. Make sure you find new cover accordingly so that you aren’t blindside. Continue to fight enemies off until an enemy tank rolls through and you are prompted to call in an airstrike. Direct the airstrike on the tank to complete the mission.

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