Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Walkthrough

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Ember Hunt

  1. Follow your team and take cover behind the fence at the edge of the hill. There are a ton of enemies here, so use sync shot so that your team handles the guys on the left side (one to the far left, one close to the front left and one of the three near the two cars) while you take the other side.
  2. Once you clear the area, follow your team down the path in between the brick buildings. After you pass the buildings, follow the blue icon off the series of ledges off the road to the left.
  3. After you regroup, you’ll eventually come to an area with a bunch of old, beat-up cars. Stealthily move along the far left side. After one of the soldiers walks down the stairs, tag the two overlooking the area and have them taken out.
  4. Move up to the wall. The enemies fighting will already be engaged in a fire fight, so you’ll be able to easily pick them off one by one (take out the closest ones first; use sync shot to take out the clusters further off in the distance).
  5. After you clear the area, head down the stairs. You’ll be hit by a flash bang and will have to fight off another wave of enemies. Find cover and take out all enemies. Use frags on the ones with riot shields and be vigilant because they will attack from both sides. When your done with them, take out the enemies up in the windows.
  6. Once the area is clear, move into the house. Hop out the window, head down the street till it dead ends and turn right. Head through the doorway on the right as the road turns and move along the back wall.
  7. Hug the wall next to the open bay door. There will be three enemies behind the three large pillars across from you, and a fourth a little further back. Tag the three directly behind the pillars, wait for your team to get into position and order a synch shot while you take the fourth guy.
  8. Resupply from the ammo case in the area with the pillars, then head to the regroup point and wait for your team. Head through the doors, hop through the hole in the brick wall and head up the stairs.
  9. Follow your team through the building. Once you get back outside, hop over the wall, turn left and hop over another partially broken wall to your left. Since your system has been hacked, you’ll begin to see the outlines of enemies that aren’t really there. Don’t worry about them at this part.
  10. Go prone and exit through the doorway down the hall on the other side. Again, your’l system will show yellow rifleman icons for about 50 enemies when there will really only be about seven or eight here. However, since you only have 4:30 here to rescue Osadze, you’ll have to move quick.
  11. Get up to the white truck at the top of the kill, kill the guards over to the left, then clear the rest of the area. Sprint and follow your team to the next area. Take out the sniper on top of the wall and the three guards on the right side.
  12. Head up the road on the right and kill the nearby guards. Hug the wall for cover and kill the rest of the enemies across behind the large water fountain. Head up the steps across the way through the big church doors.
  13. Sprint through the cathedral (don’t worry, no contacts here) and turn right at the end. Follow the hallway around and perform a breach at the door. Kill the guard in front of you and the one behind the desk.
  14. Following the short cutscene, utilize cover swap as you make your way back down the cathedral, which will be flooded with enemies (keep in mind that you won’t be able to detect enemies anymore since your system has been shutdown).
  15. Once you make it back outside, kill the two snipers on the roof of the far building near the extraction point and the one on the roof over to the right. Head down the church steps and head down the road. Make sure you take cover behind buildings to avoid getting RPG’d. Once their rockets pass, follow the trail of smoke to help detect where they are and take them out (note that most of the enemies here will still be on the rooftops).
  16. Continue down the road until you reach the regroup point. Head through the building and meet up with your team at the extraction point. Following the short cutscene, you’ll get ambushed by a ton of enemies. Make sure you have decent cover and take them all out.
  17. After you clear the area, wait for the chopper to arrive to take you home…or so you thought! Move up and take cover behind the white truck and kill the attacking enemies from the other side.
  18. Once you take care of them, run over to the other side of the pillars to help protect Osadze. After the short cutscene were he takes a bullet, run over to him to complete the mission.

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