Ghosts: Devastation DLC – Encrypted Intel Locations Guide

Dig up the hidden intel in Mayday, the second alien-infested add-on map for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Inquiring minds can discover four pieces of random intel, and five unique laptops that always appear in the same locations. We’ve got the locations listed below to easily unlock another Devastation achievement.

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Encrypted Intel Locations Guide


  • Encrypted Intel #1: Area 1 – In the vehicle hangar, look to the left of the main path for a ramp leading upstairs. Drill open the door to the control room and smash the window to reach the pipe outside. Slowly move around the corner to the left to find a laptop behind two other collectible items.
  • Encrypted Intel #2: Area 2 – Take the stairs up to the wrecked catwalk over-looking the large area below. The laptop is in the right corner of the grated balcony.
  • Encrypted Intel #3: Area 2 – Getting inside the huge cargo hold with the fallen shipping containers, look for a few stacked-up containers in the center covered with glowing alien infestation. That’s where you need to get to. To reach it, circle around to the ladder leading below the main floor. Nearby there is an alcove with a box you can climb on. Run across the open container bridge then jump and climb up. You should be able to see the laptop on the infested crate nearby. Jump there and grab it.
  • Encrypted Intel #4: Area 3 – Entering the sealed containment lab with a strange yellow/grey polygonal device in the back of the room. Check behind it to find an easy laptop.
  • Encrypted Intel #5: Area 4 – In the last area, before protecting the pipes you’ll find the doors open in the second floor control room. Drop down into the boss arena with the minigun turrets. Dash across the eggs in the center to the raised catwalk and look down near the back wall to find the last intel.

Inquisitive Mind Achievement Guide

Note: To unlock this achievement, you’ll need to find:

  • 4 Classified Intel: Randomly dropped.
  • 5 Encrypted Intel: Locations detailed above.
  • 1 Epilogue Intel: Complete the Mayday map.

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