Ghosts: Invasion DLC – Encrypted Intel Locations Guide

Uncover secret story cutscenes with these Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC intel locations. In the alien invasion map Awakening, introduced in the Invasion DLC map pack, you’ll raid an underground temple hive full of more big bugs. There aren’t as many special collectibles here as before, but finding them on your own can be crazy tricky. Don’t go wandering around aimlessly — check out the text info below to unlock the “Spelunker” achievement fast.

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Encrypted Intel Locations Guide


  • Encrypted Intel #1: Zone 1 – In the very first crater, stick to the left wall and look for rocks forming steps up to the ledge on the left. Climb the rocks and jump across the gap into a cave built high into the left wall, and you’ll find the intel on the rocky ground ahead.
  • Encrypted Intel #2: Zone 2 – Opening up the second area, stick to the wall on the right. Past the glowing obelisk, there’s a little cave. Don’t go inside, instead climb onto the rock to the left of the entrance. Move right then turn around and jump onto the platform facing the entrance. Go over the ledge above the beginning of the zone, then make another jump as you circle around to a new cave. The intel is on the ground just past the glowing red light.
  • Encrypted Intel #3: Final Zone – Go to the huge stone chamber and immediately turn left before meeting the Hand Sister. Jump onto the pillar then climb up on the platform above the entrance.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Spelunker (20 points / Bronze):
    Find all of the Intel in Awakening.

Note: To unlock this achievement, you’ll need to find:

  • All Classified Intel: Randomly dropped.
  • 3 Encrypted Intel: Locations detailed above.
  • Complete the Awakening map.

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