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Shawn Sines

Amazon Kindle

Hands down I’m a Kindle promoter. Well any eBook reader at this point that doesn’t cost $8.1 Bazillion dollars — I’m pointing at you iPad! The Kindle is a great gamer gift for those literate enough to actually read.

Even if you’re only a Halo fan or a Mass Effect fan or Warcraft addict there are some great novels set in these universes to encourage neophyte readers. The Kindle 3 is really inexpensive at $140 and most of the game-related fiction is priced at around $6, cheaper than the paperbacks.

The Kindle weighs almost nothing, includes Wi-fi and 3G as an option and even supports PDFs. The built-in web browser is functional and manages to display GameFront passably despite only using a black & white screen. Do your favorite gamer or game widow a favor and pick them up a Kindle and gift them with some great gaming fiction to seal the deal. Buy it here.

Phil O’s two cents: I would never have read the Mass Effect novels were it not for Kindle. I like my books to be kinda trashy and about space, and these certainly delivered. Seriously, the Mass Effect books are pretty fun. Thanks, Kindle!

Phil Hornshaw

iTunes Gift Cards (or applicable credit)

If the people you’re shopping for are using any of those newfangled smart phones, here’s a quick and easy suggestion: download credit.

You can snag iTunes gift cards just about anywhere nowadays, and they really are a nice gift. Handing off a $25 card is good for a ton of game downloads for any iOS device, and the same is true for the Android equivalent. With a card, you’re giving the gift of casual mobile gaming.

The iTunes App Store is literally brimming with games to download and play on the iPhone and iPad, and while some of them are crap, lots of them are not — and the number of which that are only a buck is staggering. With some planning, a small gift card amount can go a long way toward packing an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with games to play, including the new and beautiful Infinity Blade that people can’t seem to stop freaking over.

Serious gamers might scoff at iPhone gaming, but if that’s you, you’re seriously missing the next wave in the industry. There are a lot of great guides to iOS gaming on the Internet to help lead your downloads — IGN has a really thorough one, and I wrote a couple for, both for paid and free iPhone games.

NECA Bioshock 2 Big Daddy doll

Maybe you didn’t love Bioshock 2 (apparently a large portion of our staff didn’t), but you can’t deny the awesome of these real-life dolls made to look like the ones carried by Rapture’s little sisters.

Built from random bits of things found around the city, like wire, springs, a baseball and half of another doll, these dolls come in the standard Driller Big Daddy variety, as well as in a Subject Delta version as well. The Delta one is cool looking, but the Driller is by far the superior option.

The dolls run around $18-$21, depending on where you get them, although offers free shipping on them for Amazon Prime members. That might be a little steep for a doll, but remember that you’re giving the gift of a creepy piece of memorabilia to someone you care about. Buy it from Amazon.

Ron Whitaker

Second Shawn’s Warcraft Novels. Add in Halo novels as well. Fans of that series seem to enjoy them a lot.

Storage solutions for gamers:

LevelUp Tower
LevelUp Rock Band Ottoman:

Super geek cred. Lightsaber:

TRON mouse:

Starcraft Peripherals:

Phil Owen

Some of the best stuff in life is “the weird,” and some of the best weird comes in the form of video game merchandise. Here’s some weird, goofy s–t you really oughtta give to somebody:

Covenant Energy Sword

The folks who make this thing say it is “life size.” It’s made of stainless steel and is actually sharp. In the smaller image you can see the wooden plaque that comes with the sword that will allow you to hang this motherf–ker on the wall. Buy it from Amazon.

Squall Leonhart’s Gunblade

The folks who made this claim it’s functional, which means you can pull the trigger and whatever and not that you can shoot people with it. Still, that’d be a hell of a epic thing to have on your fireplace or dresser or whatever. I only mention the dresser because my dresser is the only hard surface-you-can-put-stuff-on in my entire apartment that doesn’t have stuff piled on it. Weird. I think I need a coffee table or something. Buy it on eBay.

Cthulhu Christmas Tree Topper

Has Cthulhu been in any video games? Hmm. Oh, you can spawn him in Super Scribblenauts, right? OK, we’re good.

While it may seem a bit strange to buy something for a Christmas tree as a Christmas gift, my grandmother has bought me a Christmas ornament for Christmas every year for as long as I can remember. And, Jesus Christ, this is easily the coolest thing you could put on your Christmas tree. Buy it from ThinkGeek.

Motherf–king belt buckles

There are tons of options here, and so you should tailor this item to your giftee’s tastes. I like the Triforce belt buckle pictured there because it’s not hip enough to be cool-retro, and it’s not obvious to the non-gamer at first glance what it is. You can find these anywhere, but Amazon is a good place to start.

Video Game Snuggies

These do exist, but you’ve gotta look for them. We’ve heard of, aside from the Street Fighter IV one, Gears of War and Kingdom Hearts versions. You can’t buy these online, but we’ve had reports that you can get them at places like Hot Topic and Spencer’s Gifts, and I’d bet you might just run in to one at a Big Lots. If somebody finds a Mass Effect snuggie, please let me know. Send pic to

World of Warcraft Undead Prosthetic Kit

This is intended as a Halloween costume, but you’d obviously only get this for somebody who’d think it’d be funny to wear that to work.  Buy it from the Blizzard store.

And, finally, if you’re a cheap son of a bitch, you can make something as a gift. I suggest these paper Katamari.

These are quite precious. If you go to this link, you’ll find a print-out starter kit and instructions on how to form these things from that.

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