Goat Simulator: Golden Goats Collectible Locations Guide

Don’t miss out on the hidden golden collectibles scattered across Goat Simulator. The bizarre world is filled with crazy things to discover, so if you’re looking fore the purest Goat simulation experience, we suggest playing around before checking out the list below.

Or just barrel straight through and unlock this Steam achievement as soon as possible. Whatever works for you. Keep scrolling to check out all 30 golden goat locations.

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Golden Goats Collectible Locations Guide

Note: Activate the Jet-pack early. You’ll need it.

  • Golden Goat #1: Near the spawn, look for the spiral tower. There’s a goat through the center door. Ram him out of the way to find the first golden goat.
  • Golden Goat #2: Enter the top door of the spiral tower. Inside Goat Castle, look in one of the corners for a pile of crates with the collectible sitting on top.
  • Golden Goat #3: See the giant yellow crane? Fly to the top with the jet-pack and land on the edge so you can tip-toe up the narrow wire to the very top.
  • Golden Goat #4: Look for a brown metal shed off one of the main roads with fans on the roof. These fans will send your goat up into the power lines, but you can also grab a golden goat right next to the vents.
  • Golden Goat #5: Circle behind the school and look in a narrow alcove between the shed and a brick fence.
  • Golden Goat #6: Jump up into the school’s bell tower and go limp to slide under the bell.
  • Golden Goat #7: Found the giant futuristic pit near the labs? It will changes your goat’s size. Look on the side near the rock cliff-face.
  • Golden Goat #8: In the hills, there’s a massive boulder you can push down. Look behind it to find an easy golden goat.
  • Golden Goat #9: While exploring the hills, look for an arena populated with fighting goats. The collectible along the fence beyond the fight club.
  • Golden Goat #10: Enter the Low Gravity lab and use the fan room to jump onto the office ceiling. The golden goat is located on one of the scaffolds, in the back corner.
  • Golden Goat #11: Travel to the community pool and search the bushes underneath the water slide.
  • Golden Goat #12: On the roof of the Low Gravity lab, there are strange spinning devices. Near one of them, under the blades, there’s a collectible.
  • Golden Goat #13: In the fan room of the Low Gravity lab, use a fan to reach a roof vent hiding a golden goat.
  • Golden Goat #14: Out in the fields, look on the dirt path ahead of the farming harvester.
  • Golden Goat #15: Ride the brown metal shed fans up to the power lines to find a precarious golden goat.
  • Golden Goat #16: Found the creepy pentagram yet? It’s underneath an electrical tower. There’s also a golden goat underneath the tower.
  • Golden Goat #17: Fly up to the roof of the construction site and look on one of the wooden platforms.
  • Golden Goat #18: In the fields (near the dirt racing-circle redneck) there’s a tree. Look under it!
  • Golden Goat #19: Still out in the farming area, look behind the outhouse.
  • Golden Goat #20: Jump up to the roof of Coffee Stain Studios to find a golden goat on one of the chimney stacks.
  • Golden Goat #21: Look on a table inside Coffee Stain Studios for another easy collectible.
  • Golden Goat #22: At the construction site, gain momentum by making several jumps with the same fan to get the height necessary to reach the hanging blue container. Once inside, ram the little robot enemy and grab your collectible.
  • Golden Goat #23: Back at the municipal pool, climb up to the top of the diving boards.
  • Golden Goat #24: On the ground of the construction site, look inside an open blue shipping container.
  • Golden Goat #25: Look inside the gas station garage.
  • Golden Goat #26: Search directly behind the protesters’ wooden stage.
  • Golden Goat #27: Near the start of the map, enter the closest house and explore the back corner of the bedroom with a red carpet.
  • Golden Goat #28: If you start with Time Trial, your goat will spawn near a Greenhouse instead. Look inside for another hard-to-miss golden goat.
  • Golden Goat #29: Starting at the spiral tower, fly up to the very top of the closest electrical tower.
  • Golden Goat #30: Look for the party house with an empty pool. The last collectible can be found in one of the tree branches in the yard.

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On April 2, 2014 at 4:50 pm

What is all by that arena with the goats? I’m having trouble locating it.

not telling

On June 11, 2014 at 9:06 am

excuse me, but i CANNOT find whether it is front or back yard that the thing is in, email me because i can’t find it