God of War: Ascension – Artifacts Locations Guide

Every action game needs a collectible, and the artifacts in God of War: Ascension fit the bill. Not that these trinkets are entirely useless, finding them will push players ever closer to the coveted 100% completion rating and can be used when players complete the singleplayer story. Earn another trophy, or just collect them all for a little extra side activity during the campaign — either way, we’ve got their locations listed below.

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Artifacts Locations Guide

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Artifact #1: Prisoner’s Oath Stone

  • Level: Chapter 2 – The Sewers
  • Location:
    • Climbing up onto the ledge, with the cranes and cages on the right, Kratos needs to take the left path to reach a large lever. Pulling the level will lower cages and reveal an enemy ambush.
    • Enter the small alcove where the three enemies appeared to find this artifact.

Artifact #2: Circe’s Vial

  • Level: Chapter 5 – The Village of Kirra
  • Location:
    • After defeating an ambush of giant elephant creatures, Kratos can explore the town further by taking a path to the right leading to a left turn through some houses.
    • At the end of the path, there’s a ledge Kratos can jump to, then a small interior he can reach with another jump right. There’s a chest inside and an artifact obscured by the windows.

Artifact #3: Oracle Seeker’s Offering

  • Level: Chapter 9 – Ice Caverns
  • Location:
    • After being introduced to the massive spiraling shaft with three pillars of electricity in the center, Kratos will be able to climb the exterior to get inside the tower.
    • When inside, run down instead of up to collect the white flashing light near the bottom of the traversible area.

Artifact #4: Aletheia’s Charm

  • Level: Chapter 11 – Delphi Catacombs
  • Location:
    • Passing through the large swinging pendulum, and the hour glass, you’ll reach a throne. The artifact is on the ground, just to the right of the throne.

Artifact #5: Boat Captain’s Idol

  • Level: Chapter 15 – The Grotto
  • Location:
    • Past an enemy ambush and a door locked with ice, Kratos will enter a long swimming section, leading into underwater paths.
    • While swimming forward, look for a split in the path leading down. Swim downward and keep your eyes down to spot a sparkling shimmer of light signifying the artifact’s location.

Artifact #6: Orko’s Cloak

  • Level: Chapter 16 – Prison of the Damned
  • Location:
    • Once you’re back in control of Kratos following a cutscene with a cloaked flying figure, continue right to find a doorway. Further right are a health chest and a magic chest.
    • Even further right of the chests is a hidden corner. Look behind the rocky rubble near the locked door to find this artifact.

Artifact #7: Stonemason’s Chisel

  • Level: Chapter 21 – The Forearm of Apollo
  • Location:
    • Using the Oathstone to reach the forearm itself, the area’s title will appear on the screen as the elevator rises up.
    • Instead of running to the flashing panel in the background, run into the foreground just off the lift to find a hidden alcove.

Artifact #8: Archimedes’ Treatise

  • Level: Chapter 23 – The Furnace
  • Location:
    • Climbing up toward a corner of the map with Archimedes’ corpse on a worktable, look left for three treasure chests. Nearby you’ll find this artifact, it’s hard to miss.

Artifact #9: Statue Worker’s Idol

  • Level: Chapter 25 – The Furnace
  • Location:
    • Wait until the end of the massive lift sequence. After pulling back the pin to open the shutter revealing a bright light, look in the back left corner of the platform.

Artifact #10: Antikythera Mechanism

  • Level: Chapter 28 – Trial of Archimedes
  • Location:
    • Once Kratos finishes the grueling combat trial, return through the massive portal and the entire section will lower.
    • When the gears stop, move forward and look on the right side of the area up the shallow stairs.

Trophy Unlocked

  • No Drake… (Gold):
    Collect all artifacts.

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