God of War: Ascension – Decayed Chests Locations Guide

After acquiring the powerful Amulet of Uroboros in God of War: Ascension, Kratos will be able to reanimate hidden chests throughout the campaign. Finding the chests will give you a leg up in the campaign thanks to the goodies they contain, and finding all of them will earn an easy gold trophy. Not such an easy task if you don’t know where to look. Give up the hunt, see where every decayed chest is located with our guide below.

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Decayed Chests Locations Guide

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Decayed Chest #1:

  • Level: Chapter 13 – Passage of Delphi
  • Location:
    • After Kratos repairs the destroyed bridge, the camera will focus on a wounded Oracle. Run across the bridge and follow the twisting path left instead of continuing right.
    • The decayed chest is at the very end of the constructed pathway.

Decayed Chest #2:

  • Level: Chapter 14 – The Cistern
  • Location:
    • Jumping down from the aquaduct, Kratos will find this easy chest right in your path through the larger chamber’s exit door.

Decayed Chest #3:

  • Level: Chapter 14 – The Cistern
  • Location:
    • Immediately after the previous chest, continue down the hall and take a right turn, then turn left to find an alcove with the chest.

Decayed Chest #4:

  • Level: Chapter 14 – The Cistern
  • Location:
    • Exiting the halls and getting outside, Kratos will need to move left to continue into the chapter. Instead, run right until the camera shifts to focus on the decayed chest.

Decayed Chest #5:

  • Level: Chapter 14 – The Cistern
  • Location:
    • The next chest is, yet again, found directly after the previous one. Run left to find a ruined wooden bridge, but don’t fix it. Jump down into the area below, instead.
    • From this lower area, run forward then continue far right to find a decayed chest on the ledge.

Decayed Chest #6:

  • Level: Chapter 16 – Prison of the Damned
  • Location:
    • Passing by an enormous corpse of the Hecatonchires and running down the steps into an interior area, turn right instead of left to find a chest.

Decayed Chest #7:

  • Level: Chapter 19 – The Foot of Apollo
  • Location:
    • At the start of the chapter, Kratos will climb the foot. At the top of a ledge, the camera will pull back to reveal a precarious path continuing left. Instead of following the main path, back up and check out an alcove to the right to find a hard-to-spot chest.

Trophy Unlocked

  • If It Ain’t Broke… (Gold):
    Reconstruct all decayed chests.

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