God of War: Ascension Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Hecatonchires
  • The Village of Kirra
  • Snake Road
  • The Temple of Delphi
  • Delphi Catacombs
  • The Oracle’s Chamber
  • Passage to Delphi / The Cistern
  • Present Day
  • Delos Landing
  • The Foot of Apollo
  • The Gauntlet of Apollo
  • The Forearm and Ribs of Apollo
  • The Furnace
  • Repairing the Statue of Apollo
  • Trial of Archimedes
  • Final Boss Battle
  • The Hecatonchires

    1. After the opening cut scene, wait for the creature to rear back one side of its spiked appendages and follow the on-screen prompts to dodge in the opposite direction.
    2. Wait for the enemy to attack with her top two pincers and dodge sideways to wrap chains around them, then press the indicated buttons to lash out at the creature with your free arm and evade the monster’s next strike.
    3. Continue striking the enemy to free your other arm and activate a short action sequence in which you land in the Prison of the Damned below, then proceed forward to enter the building ahead and follow the on-screen prompts to jump or double-jump over the fallen columns.
    4. Charge towards the wave of insects that appear next and use a series of attack combinations to clear them out, then climb up the ledges ahead to follow the path around on the right and eliminate another group of enemies.
    5. Make your way along the top of the wall to descend the steps on the other side and enter the tunnel below, then proceed towards the left to fall through the ground and activate a short cut scene.
    6. Afterwards, press the indicated buttons to execute a grapple-throw on the enemy in front of you and continue fighting your way forward to fill the Rage Meter.
    7. Continue following the on-screen combat instructions to execute multiple attacks on the surrounding creatures and finish clearing the room, then grab the overhang above with your chains and yank it down onto the ground.
    8. Use the chunk of debris you just removed to reach the tunnel above and proceed forward to open the chest ahead on the right, then continue following the corridor around to climb the ladder at the end and open another chest at the top.
    9. Tap the indicated button to open the next door ahead and climb the staircase on the other side to turn left at the top, then pick up the sword and approach the golden door in the distance to become trapped by the rising gates.
    10. Continue following the on-screen instructions to execute blocking and special combat maneuvers that will help you clear out the surrounding enemies, then eliminate the next insect horde to activate a cut scene.
    11. Afterwards, roll sideways to avoid the enormous creature’s falling pincers so that they become stuck in the ground momentarily and quickly turn around inflict damage with a few combination strikes.
    12. Approach the monster at close range to continue inflicting damage with combination strikes and roll backwards or sideways repeatedly to avoid the next series of counter-attacks, then knock the creature unconscious and press the indicated button to grapple him.
    13. Follow the on-screen prompts to severely injure the creature and flip the entire area on its side, then use upwards strikes to continue inflicting damage on the monster and drop into either of the surrounding shafts momentarily to avoid any follow-up pincer attacks.
    14. Continue attacking and dodging the enemy’s attacks until he gets one of his pincers stuck in the ground, then strike this appendage repeatedly and knock the creature unconscious again.
    15. Follow the next series of on-screen prompts to cut the monster’s throat with its own pincer and land in the area below to start sliding, then steer between the structures ahead to continue along the path and drop down the wall at the end.
    16. Steer between the barriers to land in the Sewers below and climb up towards the right along the wall above to enter the pipeline at the top, then proceed forward to break down the grate at the end and shimmy across the ledge on your left.
    17. Jump to the wall at the end of the ledge and climb up towards the right to reach the next landing above, then open the nearby chest and follow the path around to the left.
    18. Open the chests in the next room beside you and continue moving forward along the path to pull the lever at the end, then use launch attacks to eliminate the enemies that appear behind you and approach the indicated chain to start yanking down on it.
    19. Move through the doorway you just opened to proceed forward down the corridor ahead and pass by the various jail cells until the entire room is removed from the building.
    20. Use grapple-throwing attacks and combination strikes to eliminate the enemies that are released around you by tossing them out of the room, then continue this line of assault each time the building is rotated and attach to the next grapple point that appears above to escape from being crushed.
    21. Collect the sword from the corner on your right and cross back towards the left to descend the next two sets of steps ahead, then open the chest at the bottom and pull the nearby lever to activate a short action sequence.
    22. Afterwards, climb the ladder you just raised to drop into the previous area ahead and attach your chain to the nearby grapple point to start pulling the crank until a cyclops emerges.
    23. Turn around to start striking the cyclops and roll sideways beneath his first club swing, then continue attacking at as safe a distance as possible and execute an evasive maneuver each time the enemy raises his weapon.
    24. Use powerful attacks to continue weakening cyclops until a grapple point appears above his head, then latch onto him with your chains to take control of the monster and follow the on-screen prompts to eliminate the next wave of enemies with mostly heavy strikes.
    25. Finish clearing the area to defeat the cyclops for good and pull the crank all the way backwards to activate the grapple point above, then climb back up the previous ladder to swing across the gap to the next ledge ahead and open the nearby chest.
    26. Make your way around the right-side corner to attach onto the next grapple point and swing through the indicated window to activate an action sequence, then tap both indicated buttons to push the monster’s claw back and eventually escape its grasp.
    27. Attack the enemy at close range until it drops it claws down on either side of you, then roll sideways to avoid its falling pincers and continue your up-close assault until the claws raise up again.
    28. Double-jump over or roll backwards from the monster’s sweeping arms to continue attacking at close-range until you manage to knock the creature unconscious, then use the grapple point above his head to cave in the ceiling and start the battle again.
    29. Use grapple-throws and combination strikes to clear out the insect horde that is deployed next, then roll in the opposite direction from the creature’s falling claws and pincers it embeds into the ground.
    30. Continue inflicting damage on the monster until another grapple point appears above it and press the indicated buttons to bring the ceiling down again, then repeat the previous line of assault until you knock the creature unconscious for a third time.
    31. Grapple the enemy for a third time to press the indicated buttons as they appear and defeat this enemy for good to activate a cut scene, then enter the corridor ahead on your left and open the nearby chest.
    32. Read the hieroglyphics on the wall to learn about Aegaeon the Hecatonchires and pull the nearby lever to open the gate down the hall, then pass through it to reach the circular platform and eliminate the surrounding enemies by tossing them into the spinning grinder.
    33. Climb the steps in the top left corner to reach the ledge above and open the nearby chest, then drop back onto the circular platform and use the grapple point at its center to ascend to the next floor.
    34. Use grapple throws to eliminate the enemies that drop down around you and approach the points on either side of the platform to remove the enormous latches, then reactivate the elevator to continue your ascent until the gears are jammed up again.
    35. Latch onto the grapple point above the jammed grinder to escape the disabled elevator and quickly ascend the pieces of ladder inside the shaft to reach the ledge at the top, then climb up a second ladder in the corner to exit the structure.
    36. Move left across the bridge at the top of the ladder and enter the building on the other side to activate a cut scene, then use launching attacks and grapple-throws to start eliminating the next wave of enemies.
    37. Take out the enemies armed with staff first by attacking with heavy strikes and launching assaults, then finish clearing the area to activate a cut scene and the next boss battle.
    38. Attack the purplish-colored areas of the pincer’s holding up the platform you’re on to make them recede and quickly roll backwards each time you do to avoid any follow-up strikes from the enormous monster.
    39. Use striking attacks with a wide circular berth to keep the smaller surrounding enemies at bay and continue assaulting the purplish pincers until Aegaeon throws his entire head back, then dash to the rear end of the platform to avoid the oncoming bite.
    40. Continue attacking Aegaeon’s main pincers and move in the opposite direction of the next oncoming bite, then roll repeatedly as the other pincers start to fall around you and damage the boss enough to activate a short action sequence.
    41. After climbing up onto the next ledge, roll backwards repeatedly from the hand monster that has appeared and change directions when the pincers behind you start striking as well.
    42. Unleash a series of combination strikes on the hand monster at close-range and roll backwards again to dodge the creature’s follow-up assault, then repeat this process until the large enemy has been knocked unconscious.
    43. Use the grapple point above the hand monster’s head to take control of this enemy and follow the on-screen prompts to start attacking Aegaeon face, then continue this line of assault until the boss manages to eat his own hand and you are forced to swing from his eyeball.
    44. After climb up to Aegaeon’s eyeball, strike the female creature repeatedly and watch for her pincers preparing to attack so that you can dodge in the opposite direction accordingly.
    45. Continue striking the monster that clings onto Aegaeon’s eyeball to defeat her and activate the next cut scene to complete this level.

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    7 Comments on God of War: Ascension Walkthrough


    On March 13, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I’m passed that part and stuck on this “Decay & Heal” part. Yeah,, my brain isn’t getting it..


    On March 14, 2013 at 10:59 am

    waiting to play gow now I have about an hour left till my system restore is complete and I play on my new 750 gb wd scorpion black I just updated my ps3….but I played demo and I played just past demo but knew the new drive was coming today so I waited impatiently till I finnish then all night gaming session in store and will post how new drive fares so far it took 6 hours to back up 50 gigs and only taking 2 hours to restore it on new faster drive


    On March 23, 2013 at 9:46 am

    how do you stun the snake chicks i am having a hard time doing that?


    On May 3, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Ive having an issue on finding out where to stand to use the amulet it doesn’t want to decay anything it just shoots a beam. what should i do?


    On June 3, 2013 at 10:10 am

    C.B – The Decay and Heal power is to be used for making or breaking objects to be used by Kratos. You can heal a broken bridge or break some object to be used in the game. As it is the use of this power is indicated on the top right. At times you might have to use this power just partially for your use. try it out its fun and believe me later in the game the effects of heal are amazing.


    On June 3, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Sam- yes it is at times confusing how to shoot the amulet but the easiest way to use it that when ever you will press L2 the object that is to be shot at will glow very clearly, so till the time you do not find a object glowing bright and clear you need to move around and find the right place, sometimes it might be too close to the object and sometimes it can be far off.


    On June 3, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Just platinumed it today. It wasn’t too hard but as always there were a couple of fights that were pretty aggravating. The Trial of Archimedes was actually so hard even on the easier settings that it received a patch, though I think they made a mistake by patching it on Titan mode since the really hardcore players perhaps understandably think they’ve been given unwanted help. I though was grateful as it was difficult enough even WITH the patch. On the flip side, it’s a real shame that there was no Challenge of the Gods/Zeus/Hades/whatever this time around, as that would have been the perfect place to put such a difficult task and gamers who just wanted to finish the story wouldn’t have had to do it if they didn’t want to, while hardcore fans would have still leapt at it.