Goldeneye 007: Reloaded – 006 / Alec Final Boss Strategy

007 is back and in HD with Goldeneye 007: Reloaded — now covered in our walkthrough. Being Bond isn’t easy, especially on 007 Classic Difficulty. 007 is a tough guy, but 006 apparently is tougher, as his final boss fight is a monster of a challenge for even the most experienced Goldeneye players. That’s why the MI6 agents at Game Front have stolen this secret document containing tips on how to win the fight against this painful opponent.

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006 / Alec Final Boss Strategy [007 Classic Difficulty]

  • Near the finale of the game in Nigeria, Bond will enter a QTE battle with Alec Trevelyan. After this fight, you’ll move deeper into the machine room before entering observation room — where the final battle takes place.
  • There are three stages to this fight; fighting 006 one-on-one, fighting 006 and henchmen, and last fighting 006, henchmen too, with a helicopter thrown in the mix.
  • This room features two floors and a balcony area. Bring a shotgun, an assault rifle, and grab armor before the fight. Try using the Terralite III, carried by many of the enemies in the area.
  • As the battle begins, aim and shoot. The fastest way to score hits is to aim down the sights just as the battle begins, and shoot from the hip. Aiming down the sights, then releasing the scope-mode, will quickly lock you onto Alec to score some fast hits.
  • Move fast during the first section of the fight, just score as many early hits as you can. This is the easiest part, before enemies appear. Do enough damage to 006, and he’ll retreat. Run outside and upstairs, then plant your back against the wall facing the door where enemies spawn from. Hide in the corner, where you’ll be mostly safe from being shot in the back.
  • Switch to the shotgun and train your reticule on the door. Most enemies will go down in one hit, you can shoot them before they even appear, just watch your reticule — when it turns red, shoot away.
  • Stay on the right-hand corner of the second floor, in the corner, and shoot any enemies that appear. 006 himself will be confused by your position, either hiding and standing still on the second floor opposite your position, or stand outside before jumping off the railing, then climbing back up.
  • Always focus on killing any nearby enemies first, but don’t both hunting down enemies downstairs. Whenever you see 006 standing still, he’ll be aiming directly at you. To spot his running pattern, you might have to move around the corner. Use the shotgun, fire once, then duck back into the corner and he’ll perform the cycle again.
  • Just wait for him to hide, then prepare yourself, don’t bother chasing him down, just watch his movements and try to memorize where he stops. When he stops, clear away any other enemies, then hit him with a handful of shoots with the assault rifle or once with the shotgun.
  • Do enough damage, and the third stage of the battle will begin. The helicopter can kill you fast, so stay upstairs, or just run inside when you hear 006 calling the helicopter.
  • 006 will hide, so move to the metal railing that’s fully covered for protection. Hide here, pop out and shoot 006 a few times with the assault rifle before hiding again. Take it slow, don’t aim for long — use the same method of snapping to your target by tapping the aim trigger and releasing.
  • Don’t bother fighting the enemies on the first floor, just focus all your effort on 006 and hiding from the helicopter. When 006 is finally dead, take your time and stay in cover as you move. You’ll need to reach the elevator, and as you do, make sure to hit the elevator button as quickly as you can before the helicopter tries to paste you with rockets.
  • This is an insanely difficult battle on the hardest difficulty, but it is possible with some practice and memorization. Goodluck, Bond!

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3 Comments on Goldeneye 007: Reloaded – 006 / Alec Final Boss Strategy


On December 1, 2011 at 10:18 pm

not helpful


On December 5, 2012 at 5:40 pm

Only part in the game I had enough trouble to look it up, darn helicopter is just frustrating. Thanks for the help.


On February 1, 2013 at 7:57 am


I have the ultimate hack to kill all enemies and alec.

first at alec
then move donw the stairs and walk staight true.
go to the door with the red light. across the stairs.
wait there until an enemy comes out.
kill him and move fast into the door,

now you have a door on your right an left. you can shoot from behind the doors and take cover. even safe for the helicopter !