Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Review

One of the best improvements is to the game’s aiming system. Partly a result of not having to use the horribly imprecise Wiimote and partly due to just being improved, gone is the frustrating experience of seeing your reticule wander all over the screen as you try to stay still long enough to get a shot off. This is especially evident when playing lesser difficulties, when auto-aim comes into play. Auto-aim doesn’t do all the thinking for you, but it does help focus you in the right direction, ensuring even when you switch to precision aiming, you won’t (generally) find yourself aiming at the ground instead of your target. (And fear not – when sniping, you still must do the aiming yourself. It’s just a slight tweak to keep things smooth, I promise).

In addition to differing objectives depending on difficulty, G007R also features more varied mission completion options. Players can choose a stealth-based focus, or just run and gun their way through a level, or somewhere in between. This is helped by the game’s AI, already pretty decent in the Wii version and now even better. Enemies fight tactically, react with confusion to distractions and generally behave like pretty solid approximations of (slightly stupid) real lifers. This is especially true during scenes that develop the game’s updated plot. As in the Wii version, the Russian FSB represents a third faction, going after the game’s villain for their own reasons. This means you’ll run into them fighting each other more than once. When that happens, you can take advantage, sneaking past, or watching the NPCs panic when they realize they’re being picked off by an unknown new party.

Graphics and framerate have also been vastly improved. No longer do you experience the annoying stuttering that typified the Wii experience of Goldeneye 007. Better, no more must the player endure Wii’s muddy looking aesthetic; environments appear crisper, more detailed and varied, and NPCs look much more interactive with the environment. All in all, it’s a vastly improved experience in both play and appearance.

The final improvement worth noting is the brand-new MI6 Ops mode. Functionally similar to Spec-Ops in Modern Warfare 2 and 3, it’s a series of unlockable, customizable challenges allowing players to test their skills or, if they prefer, mess around. Each challenge has different rules, but all can be modified by difficulty, player and NPC health, accuracy, and so on. Players can also make things extremely easy and fun by activating cheats like one-hit-kill, paintball mode, infinite ammo and so on. Alas, it’s solo-only. You can’t play the challenges in online or split-screen multiplayer. But it’s a good way to get a varied, non-story fix and brush up your skills to prepare for when you do play multiplayer.


Ultimately, Goldeneye 007 Reloaded is a vastly superior game to the version released last year on Wii. It might be a little too close to Call of Duty for some gamers’ tastes, and it must be admitted that despite the smart story update, elements are left undeveloped, lending the story a kind of “this happened, then this happened, then this happened” quality. Additionally, at $59.99 it’s probably a little overpriced – it probably should be priced like other reboot-style games, such as Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. But it’s a worthy successor to the classic that practically defined the 5th generation of consoles, and is a nearly great approximation of the Bond movie experience.


Excellent re-imagining of a classic
Best AI seen in a modern Bond game
Story update well conceieved, appropriately Bond-ish
Great voice cast
Well designed levels
MI6 Ops Mode, Multiplayer
New control scheme, graphics vastly superior to Wii version


Gameplay bears annoying similarities to Call of Duty franchise
Though story update is good, individual components underdeveloped
Though good, not worth the AAA price tag. Should have been $39.99.

Final Score: 88/100

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2 Comments on Goldeneye 007 Reloaded Review


On January 12, 2012 at 8:32 pm

This game is great i mean great campaign,online multiplayer,and mi6 ops if you ask me.The only thing is graphics-i mean come on the game looks similiar to the wii counterpart.But overall great game.


On January 12, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Hey,does it have 4 player deathmatches.Does anyone know.