GoldenEye 007 Wii E3 2010 Impressions


I don’t have to tell you that GoldenEye 007 for the N64 was one of the most influential shooters of all time, blah blah. You know this, man. You played GoldenEye with your pals and it’s a good memory for you.

And sort of like NBA Jam, GoldenEye has been begging for an official modern remake for some time now. Finally, it’s getting one. At E3 last week, developer Eurocom walked us through the new GoldenEye on the Wii, showing us both the single-player and multiplayer portions.

How’s the new/old Bond looking? Hit the jump for details.

Single Player:
Activision’s Brian Pass described how GoldenEye will take the source material from the original game, but remix it for a slightly different experience. Bond himself is changing, for instance. Pierce Brosnan is out, and in his place is the grittier, more reptilian Daniel Craig, who voices the new GoldenEye. Naturally, the story itself will need to be tweaked to adjust to Craig’s Bond style. Bruce Feirstein, the original scriptwriter of the GoldenEye film, is helping here and writing the story for the remake. Another new-skool touch is that David Arnold, the composer of the Quantum of Solace score, is doing the music.

Aside from production talent, there are obviously gameplay differences as well. Pass loaded up the very first level in GoldenEye, which looked exactly like the original. But here, Bond (Craig) is assisted by agent 006. The two had a more stealthy vibe than the original, as they crept around the compound.

Here, we were introduced to a new gameplay mechanic, referred to as “Subdue” attacks. If you sneak up behind an unsuspecting enemy, you’ll get a button prompt to press “A.” Doing so will execute a silent takedown. The one we saw had Bond grab the baddie from behind, pull him over a barricade, and then punch him in the face repeatedly. That sounds more like Craig’s Bond, right?

But Pass explained that you can play the game however you want. If you want to channel Snake and go all stealth, go for it. If you want to run-and-gun, you can play that way too. Pass started shooting up the place, and this showed off another new mechanic: destructible environments. Bond can’t just camp out behind barricades forever. As cover objects take damage, they start to chip away and fail, applying a bit of pressure to kick ass and do it quickly.

The demo moved into that big tunnel in the first level, and Bond got into a truck with 006, which started a cutscene. Developing the game for the Wii means that the game will seamlessly transition into these scenes right away, which was a nice touch.

When Pass got into the actual compound, we were introduced to the “multiple objectives” mechanic. You’ll obviously have main story objectives. In addition to these, you’ll have optional side-objectives. Completing side-objectives will contribute to your end-level point tally. You’ll use points to unlock goodies for multiplayer like character skins, cool crap like that.

Enemies are smarter in the new GoldenEye. They’ve been Metal Gear-ified. Pass described the AI has having “multiple states of awareness.” If you clumsily stomp around a guarded compound, you’ll set off alarms and draw the fury of multiple guards who want you dead.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Bond game without what Pass described as “authentic Bond moments,” and Eurocom have built these into the game. You’ll be able to do things like trigger large explosions and take out multiple enemies simultaneously. In the example we saw, Bond made his way out onto a dock, and blew up an entire ship, which looked very satisfying.

If you know anything about GoldenEye, you’ll agree that it was kind of all about the multiplayer experience. Pass showed us how it would all work, and started by emphasizing that they wanted to bring “local multiplayer” back–but that’s not all. The multiplayer package will support 4 player split-screen, or 8 player online matches via wifi. There will be 5 maps, 40 selectable characters, 3 standard modes, and a pretty robust sounding XP system.

At the end of each match you’ll be awarded different “Accolades” that applied to your performance. A few we saw were (not all are positive): A View to Kill, Expendable, Sharp Shooter, Crater Maker and Shrapnel. This is pretty simple, but I kind of loved it. It’s bound to add fuel to those shit-talking fires that we remember from the good ol’ days!

We saw a 4 player split-screen round of deathmatch. It looked: fast, violent (a lot of deaths), and like a lot of fun. Each player has two grenades, which have a really dangerous blast radius, and blow up nicely. In terms of control, you can use the Wii Classic Controller, or the Wii Mote/Nunchuk combo, or even the Wii Gamecube Controller.

My overall impression: ok, I haven’t talked about graphics until the very end, and that’s because this is the one very big negative. I actually thought they were kind of horrible. This is a shooter that personally I would prefer remade with high-end graphics, and it’s just not delivering yet. Not even close. So just know that. You can look for yourself and watch the trailer.

But does it still look like a lot of fun? Hell ya it does, and it has a ways to before before it hits store shelves.

More excited about James Bond: Blood Stone? If you’ve got the game, our complete walkthrough can be your ally!

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3 Comments on GoldenEye 007 Wii E3 2010 Impressions


On June 24, 2010 at 7:39 am

graphics are very good and in ONM they say when its finished u will be surprized with the graphics u havnt seen anything yet remember when epic micky was shown it looked crap then at E3 it looked like a cgi disney film i think it looked amazing so what are u talking about IGN now there stuff they say it looks like a modern day shooter with graphics leagues above any shooter on wii that will do me plus the graphics on that trailer are mint what do u want u 360 fans dont know how to compare games anyway u cant compare this to a game on 360/ps3 that costs 250 million yes MW2 cost 250 million,175 million on advertising and 75 million on making the game if the wii got them budgets wii games would look the exact same as 360/ps3 lets wait til activision are finished with this and COD Black ops and see the difference in graphics when they are both finished and also consider that the wii wouldnt have used all the tech it can handle because they dont invest at the same levels as the 360/ps3 because there HD if u dont commit to big budgets u get very bad graphics the wii can produce near 360 level with 10 times less money/budget


On June 27, 2010 at 12:07 pm

I disagree. The wii isn’t capable of rendering what the ps3/360 are capable of. Regardless of massive amounts of money spent on development and ads, it can’t fix the fact that the Wii’s hardware is nowhere near the stuff the other two consoles have.


On March 20, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Wow Matt i played this game and the graphics just plain suck. No wonder there can be 4 people playing at same time on a Wii without lagging. What your saying is true PS3 and Xbox games cost more to make and guess what? They have lower prices. They get price drops after a couple of years while wii games that have been out since its release still cost 50$ this really makes no sense since its cheaper to make them does it…?