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  • The rifles are your standard assault rifles used in many shooting games. You have access to three different rifles. The Dawn Patrol is a fully automatic military rifle. The Partisan is a long range 3-round burst weapon. The last option is the Huntsman, which is a semi-automatic hunting rifle.

Submachine Guns

  • Submachine guns are smaller than other weapons, but they are fast and lethal. You have access to two submachine guns in the game. The first is the Gatekeeper, a balanced lightweight gun. The second option is the Desperado, which has a rapid rate of fire, but goes through ammo quickly.

Heavy Weapons

  • If you want a gun that packs a better punch, then you’ll want a heavy weapon. There are three different heavy weapons. The first is the Shredder, a small weapon with a rapid rate of fire. It may have low damage, but the extreme rate of fire will give it the extra kick you need. The second option is the Jackhammer, which deals a great amount of damage. However, the Jackhammer slows you down and has a slow reload rate. The final option is the Deep Freezer. The Deep Freezer has a high amount of damage, range, accuracy, and can freeze your enemies where they stand.

Sniper Weapons

  • Using gadgets and map shortcuts, you can find great sniper spots in the game. There are three different sniper weapons. The Marshal is a fast firing sniper with low damage, and a high headshot damage multiplier. The Buccaneer is a long range high damage sniper, but has a slow rate of fire. The final option is the Bear-Stalker. The Bear-Stalker is a silent long-range weapon, and it shoots arrows instead of bullets. It has less accuracy than other snipers, but you can charge each shot for extra damage.


  • If you want more power, then you may have to sacrifice range. There are two shotgun options in the game. The Persuader is your standard shotgun, with high damage and a medium rate of fire. The Chaperone is a shotgun that sacrifices damage for a high rate of fire. It is still very lethal at short range.


  • if you really want to pack a punch, then use a launcher. There are two homebrew launchers you can choose from. The first is a homebrew launcher that can shoot different projectiles, including homemade rockets and missiles. The second launcher is called the Bombardier, which is a slingshot that can arc different projectiles at your enemy.


  • There is only one assistance weapon in the game, which is called the Motivator. The Motivator is a non-lethal weapon used on your teammates. It is used to heal your teammates, and provide a defense boost. It is use for support, not death.


  • Each weapon comes with its own weapon mods. Mods can include various sites, scopes, and ammo types. Also available are extended magazines, body odor sniffers, silencers, and muzzle breaks. Body odor sniffers are used on snipers, and help you locate nearby enemies.

Paint Jobs

  • If you don’t like the plain look of guns, then feel free to paint your weapons. Each weapon has paint jobs you can unlock by completing challenges and performing feats. Paint jobs include desert, digital, gold, hearts, cheetah, pink cheetah, ivy, Riddler, silver, skull, woodland, snow, and snowflakes.

Support Items

  • Support items are items that you carry around to help you throughout the match. Support items can be lethal or non-lethal, and have different effects. They are very handy to have with you throughout the game.

Pipe Bomb

  • The Pipe Bomb is your standard timed explosive. Once the fuse goes out, it explodes. You can hold it longer to let the fuse burn before you throw it, but if you hold it too long it will blow up in your hand.

Impact Grenade

  • The Impact Grenade is an explosive that does not have a timer. Instead, it detonates as soon as it comes in contact with a surface. You can hit an enemy directly with it to receive deadly results.


  • The Boomerang is a non-lethal weapon that can target multiple enemies at once. It is nearly impossible to dodge, and stuns the enemies when it comes in contact with them. Once stunned, enemies can be mopped up easily.


  • The hatchet is your ordinary thrown weapon. Although difficult to use, it kills enemies instantly when the blade pierces their flesh. The Hatchet is the most lethal of all the support items.


  • The Shuriken is yet another thrown weapon. Although it is not as lethal as the Hatchet, it can target multiple enemies at once. The Shuriken deals enough damage that you can easily finish off your foes after hitting them with it.

Bear Trap

  • The Bear Trap is your ordinary bear trap, although bear traps do not show up in video games often. This bear trap can be placed on the ground where enemies can step on them. Once an enemy steps in the trap, their movement and turns are impaired. Enemies can manually remove the trap.


  • The Trap-in-the-Box is a Jack-in-the-Box with a twist. Instead of a creepy clown, a bomb pops out. It is proximity-activated, and deals a heavy amount of damage to the enemy.

Body Armor

  • Body Armor is exactly what it sounds like. It protects you from taking damage, with some exceptions. It does not stop penetrator ammo, freeze damage, boomerangs, and bear traps.

Energy Drink

  • The Energy Drink is very simple. When used, it restores health over a certain amount of time.


  • Gadgets are nifty pieces of equipment that can be applied to each loadout. There are multiple gadgets that have different effects. Most of the gadgets help you move around the map quickly, efficiently, and lethally.

Glider Rig

  • The Glider Rig allows you to fly through the air. You can glide from the roofs of buildings, or use vents scattered around the map to get big air. While you are gliding, you can perform Dive Bomb attacks on enemies.

Grapple Gun

  • The Grapple Gun allows you to easily move around the map by grabbing on to walls or objects. The Grapple Gun then pulls you to where you want to go. However, if your grapple meter runs out, you must wait for it to recharge before grabbing on to another object.


  • If you’ve ever used Rollerskates, you know what they do. They simply roll you around. When using Rollerskates, you can move much more quickly than you can by walking. However, you sacrifice maneuverability, and tend to roll around while standing still.

Spring Boots

  • Spring Boots are boots that, when charged, allow you to jump great distances through the air. They recover very quickly. You can confuse your enemies with jumping, or access elevated areas of the map.

Inflatable Insoles

  • Inflatable Insoles are similar to Spring Boots, but have different outcomes. Inflatable Insoles do not let you jump as high, but they allow you to double jump. With Inflatable Insoles, a normal jump is 40% higher than usual.

Targeting Goggles

  • Targeting Goggles are used to reveal enemy locations. You can tag enemies, which allows your teammates to see them. Each time a tagged enemy is killed, you receive an assist.

Ninja Smoke Bomb

  • The Ninja Smoke Bomb is a gadget that allows you to become invisible. However, while invisible you are unable to use weapons or support items.

Fun Facts 1&2

  • There are two different lists of Fun Facts that you can choose for your loadout. Fun Facts are similar to perks, and give you benefits in game. For example, extra health, or extra damage.

Horse Healthy

  • Horse Healthy gives you a higher amount of health, and allows you to be healed faster by energy drinks, care packages, motivators, and care stations.

Possum Player

  • Possum Player allows you to be revived by teammates before you respawn.


  • Regenerative makes your health regenerate sooner, and fills your health at a faster rate.

Quick Reflexes

  • Quick Reflexes allows your weapon to become available quicker after sprinting.


  • Fleet-Footed makes you move faster while walking, running, sprinting, skating, and grappling.


  • Wallflower makes you invisible to radar, targeting goggles, and body odor sniffers.

Mad Bomber

  • Mad Bomber increases the effectiveness of all explosives by increasing damage and radius.

Flak Jacket

  • Flak Jacket allows you to take less damage from explosives. However, it is not very effective against the Trap-in-the-Box.


  • Marksman gives your bullets more stopping power, making them more lethal when piercing enemies.

Kinda Bulletproof

  • Kinda Bulletproof decreases the damage caused by enemy bullets.


  • Cutthroat increases the damage caused by your knife. Remember, the bigger your character, the more melee damage you can do.


  • Leathery decreases the amount of damage you take from enemy knife attacks.


  • Thick-Headed decrease the effects and damage caused by boomerangs, stomp attacks, and dive bombs.

Wooden Legs

  • Wooden Legs, unlike Flak jacket, decreases the damage you take from Trap-in-the-Box explosions. Also, it makes you immune to the effects of Bear Traps.

Hard Target

  • Hard Target makes you immune to enemy headshot damage multipliers. You take the normal amount of damage when shot in the head, instead of taking extra damage.


  • Rampages are extremely powerful bonuses that you can use once you earn them. They can be earned in many different ways, like earning a killstreak, or having a deathstreak. Each rampage has its own powerful effect. However, a rampage has a relatively short duration in which it is active.

Kill Crazy

  • Kill Crazy is earned by causing 1200 points of damage in a single life. Once activated, it causes you to inflict double damage for 15 seconds.

Powder Keg

  • Powder Keg is earned by dying 5 times without getting a kill. Once activated, it causes you to inflict double damage for 15 seconds.

Tough as Nails

  • Tough as Nails is earned by causing 1200 points of damage without dying. Once activated, all damage you take is reduced by 75% for a duration of 15 seconds.

Angry Hedgehog

  • Angry Hedgehog is earned by dying 5 times without getting a kill. Once activated, all damage you take is reduced by 75% for a duration of 15 seconds.

Gun Runner

  • Gun Runner is earned by causing 1200 points of damage without dying. Once activated, your movement speed is increased by half for a duration of 15 seconds.

Death Racer

  • Death Racer is earned by dying 5 times without getting a kill. Once activated, your movement speed is increased by half for a duration of 15 seconds.

Eagle Eye

  • Eagle Eye is earned by causing 1200 points of damage without dying. Once activated, it allows you to see enemy positions on your radar.


  • Wolfpack is earned by causing 1200 points of damage without dying. Once activated, it hides your team’s position on the radar. Also, it disrupts enemy Body Odor Sniffers and Targeting Goggles.

Psych Profile

  • Psych Profiles are relatively simple to understand. Each Psych Profile has traits that affect the way you earn XP in a game. Each Psych Profile has its own pros and cons. It is best to try out Psych Profiles for yourself, and see which works best for you.

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