Grand Theft Auto 5 Problems: Texture Popping and Broken Snapmatic

The sheer size and scope of the Grand Theft Auto series means performance issues are bound to happen at launch. In the case of Grand Theft Auto 5, the biggest GTA title yet, its issues seem to gravitate around install problems and in-game app (that’s a thing now!) headaches.

Both the Xbox 360 version and PlayStation Network versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 seem to suffer from the same texture popping and shadow problems. With the Xbox 360, the issue is easy to avoid, but the PSN version is disc-free, which presents a real problem to the affected. A thread on r/GrandTheftAutoV has claims coming from both sides. Players who are experiencing the issues are posting, along with screenshots of European players complaining on other sites, but there are plenty of “no issues here” posts, too. There’s no doubt that the PlayStation Network problems are real, but they do not seem to be widespread.

Another flashpoint seems to be the in-game Snapmatic app, which allows characters to take photos with their smartphones, and share them online through Rockstar’s Social Club platform.

Saving photos in the Snapmatic app requires you to have a Social Club account, with your PSN or Xbox Live account connected. For some players, even after the connection and login, the app is not saving photos, nor is it allowing photos to be viewed in the gallery. The issue seems to extend to the iFruit app as well. Rockstar is aware of the problem, but a fix has yet to present itself.

Xbox 360 users are lucky in the sense that there’s a workaround (read our workaround guide here), but PSN users, and everyone trying to snap photos in-game, aren’t as lucky.

[Top Image via GTAForums]

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1 Comment on Grand Theft Auto 5 Problems: Texture Popping and Broken Snapmatic

Dean Smith

On September 22, 2013 at 1:35 pm

i can’t really grumble about any graphic issues, as my first computer was ZX spectrum so i appreciate games today on a level that not many kids today do, (remember those loading screens back then, sounded like someone torturing a toaster for an hour while playing a video of an epilectic rainbow) and i actually find glitches quite amusing, which is why am dissapointed with the ‘snapmatic’ photo thing, because there’s been a couple of times when i’ve seen some really funny glitches that are totally photo worthy, but when i go to take said picture, either the camera won’t let you take the pic, cuz it can’t load the rockstar game service, or if it does at least let you take said pic, you can’t see it cuz it can’t save it, again cuz of game service problem. Now i understand the last one, uploading pics to the service not being possible sometimes, but the first one? not being able to even *take* the darn pic in the first place? whats up with that? What they should have done is made it so the photo’s go onto your computers harddrive first (like in PS Home) then that way you can decide wether you wanna upload them to the Social Club afterwards or just keep that badass pic of Trevor’s latest victim tied under the per as a background for your PS3 menu background. Apart from that the game is perfect, i was blown away by the story, and have lost so many hours of sleep just wanting to know what happens next. I’ve even made a new save so i can relive the story proper, and keep my original save for retrys and collectibles. I couldn’t expect anything less from the Houser’s, ever since GTA became a ┬úD affair, the narrative is whats kept me coming back again and again. Now we’ll just have t see if there are gonna be a couple of add on dlc’s for this one, maybe in the form of, not just additional trio’s in each one, but additional maps in the form of San fierro for one dlc and Las ventura for the other maybe, that also the main characters can play and have their stories expanded in. I’d even put up with loading screens between airplane flights to the other islands if they did that, I know its not likely, but a man can dream.