Gravity Rush Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • From Oblivion
  • Shadows Over The City
  • Gravity Undone
  • Kat’s Move List
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Hekseville
  • Table of Contents

    Shadows Over The City

    1. So, your main character doesn’t have any recollection of who she is/what she is doing. Well, at least we have a cat! In fact, follow that cat down the path and up the stairs to start off this chapter.
    2. Observe the next tutorial for how to release yourself from gravity and to follow targets. This is essentially a lesson in maneuvering and is very important to the game.
    3. Tilt your PS Vita around during the next cutscene and have some fun with this 3D Comic effect. Did I mention I think this game is awesome?
    4. You will engage in your first battle shortly after the cutscene. Just move around and use your basic attacks to take out the first wave of enemies.
    5. Before the next wave of enemies appear, you will be able to observe a tutorial for how to attack from the air. It’s pretty self explanatory and will give you a strong edge over these next few monsters.
    6. Note the two bars in the upper right corner. The blue is your gravitational power reserve. Keep an eye on it and be careful with it- you can only do things like stand on buildings for so long.
    7. Move yourself from purple ring to purple ring as you get more accustomed to the controls of the game.
    8. Approach the greenish looking machine in the center of the fountain circle (on the opposite side of the statue in the water) and examine it.
    9. After the cutscene you will have a back and forth conversation with the old woman.
    10. Approach the massive purple thing but do not touch it or you will be transported back into the tunnel. Instead head northwest from where you are and observe the massive pillar (almost looks like it just blends in with the sky, doesn’t it?).
    11. Head into the town square and you will be ambushed by a giant thing with an extremely slim, long, and strange head. They’re not as hard as they look as long as you move away quickly and dodge their initial ambush by jumping out of the way out stepping to the side.
    12. Head down to the next empty area and approach the object that is lightly up. It’s a bed. Grab it and take it to the tunnel cover.
    13. Enter another comic montage. Enjoy.
    14. Head to the end of the pathway and look to the right. Here, you will be able to find your house and enter it.

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