Gravity Rush Walkthrough

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Kat’s Move List

  1. Kick:
    A kick is the most basic of your attacks. As such, damage is minimal but the attack can be used at quickly and at a high rate. When you press the button in succession, Kat will start to do some cool combination such as chops. The intensity and awesomeness of your attack can be increased by using purple gems.
  2. Gravity Kick:

    You can perform a gravity kick if you shift while being stationary or free falling. If you kick during this time, you will hit the point of the ground beneath you. Kat will hone into the enemies that appear in the vicinity. Pretty simple eh? The power and gravity of the kick, as well as the kick’s ability to hone and track down enemies, can all be increased via spending gems. Timing is absolutely key,

  3. There will be several situations (in the beginning it happens more often than not) where you will have to adjust your gravity kick midair. Use the right direction pad to get the enemy in the middle of your screen and kick again. This is, again, crucial in regards to timing. If you press kick at the wrong time and immediately realize that you will miss your enemy, you can pull out and readjust the kick.
  4. The final thing to take note of with the gravity kick is what happens after the kick itself takes place. Kat will bounce off whatever she hits, and you can use your left d pad in order to aim her in the direction you want her to boucne off in. This is absolutely key for maneuvering and being able to travel while staying in the air. Certain checkpoints and destinations are also much more easily accessible this way.
  5. Gravity Slide

    You can slide in Gravity Rush by pressing and holding the right and left edges on the sides of your screen. Shake or jolt the Vita in order to jump while sliding. In order to steer, you need to rotate and maneuver the Vita. The best part is that if there are any enemies in your way, Kat will be able to take them out, making this an extremely effective attack to use against enemies congregating in a large group in one area.

  6. Jump:

    Your basic jump is very simple and can be executed with X (pun intended!). You’ll mostly be using it to reposition your direction and such, since you’re spending a lot of this game going back and forth between gravity and antigravity.

  7. Sommersault:

    You can perform a sommersault by pressing X, L, and R qucikly one after another. This type of jump doesn’t use too much gravitational power and will allow you to access some higher ledges and places.

  8. Shifting:
    Press R to shift in this game. When we say shift in Gravity Rush, it actually means switching into a state of Zero Gravity. Use the right directional buttons to aim your fall and release when you are ready. The fall ends as soon as you touch a solid object.
  9. If you want to increase the speed of your fall, hold X as you’re in antigravity mode. You can start/stop the increase in speed during any points of the fall.
  10. In order to get out of antigravity world and to cease the shifting, hit L. If you are mid flight, be wary of your momentum.
  11. Grab:

    You can grab objects using the circle button. This will immediately initiate the antigravity mode of this game. By picking up the objects and releasing them one at a time using the O button, you can deal some hefty damage. You will throw enemies and the ground. Items are thrown in the direction you are facing. Some of these items, when thrown at enemies, can cause MASSIVE amounts of damage. You can increase the amount of objects you can grab and carry with you by spending gems.

  12. Dodge:

    Ahh, the Playstation Vita’s interfact gets a little chance to shine here. In order to dodge, you can essentially flick the part of the screen which is the direction you want Kat to dodge in. You can do this anytime and it will interrupt literally any attacks. If you are holding items, you will not drop them but continue to hold them instead- keep this in mind for some creative combinations. After performing the flick and the dodge, you can also hit Square for a hefty counter attack .

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