Gravity Rush Walkthrough

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Home Sweet Home

  1. In the beginning of this episode, step out of your cozy abode and back out into the sewers.
  2. Release from the gravity and propel yourself directly upwards.
  3. Head around the elevated ledge that forms the perimeter of the sewers. Head across the bridge that connects the two sides- you will notice that there are people on it.
  4. Head outside to the courtyard with the fountain and take out the enemies in the vicinity.
  5. Head around the perimeter and jump the large gap. Use your gravity kick as you dive into the next area in order to get yourself a headstart on the next wave of enemies.
  6. When you see the large black animal like creatures, the best way to take them out is (once again) the gravity kick in this case. Make sure you are angled carefully enough and you will be able to take them out in a single blow. The angle is very sensitive so make sure to tilt your Vita accordingly. Once you get the sweet spot, you’ll be able to repeat the action without a sweat.
  7. Head around the perimeter and approach the green cannon type of thing. Examine it to lower the bridge.
  8. Your next quest is essentially a race. Pull up the map BEFORE the race starts if you are confused about where to go.
  9. Once the timer counts down, begin sprinting towards the checkpoints.
  10. The most surefire way to get through this time trial is to use a combination of both sprinting and gravity power. This is best accomplished by running until you have a direct line of sight to your next checkpoint and then using your gravity power for a quick power burst to propel you there.
  11. To get to your next collection destination, you will need to pull your map up frequently. The fact that this game doesn’t have a compass has become increasingly noticeable at this point, wouldn’t you say?
  12. Observe the tutorial for picking up objects and using them as projectiles.
  13. In this upcoming battle, use the barrels that are scattered around the field and use them to destroy your foes. Make sure to get the ones near the rooftops in order to complete the challenge.
  14. Head up and around the terrace to find the last selection bin. You will be rewarded with a cutscene of.. an elevator?
  15. The next race is very similar to before, except this time you have to pick up all the energy along the way. If you don’t, you will not be able to use enough gravity power to propel yourself fast enough to win. If you don’t pick one up, start over. They’re mandatory in this race.
  16. Use the same strategy of running until you have a direct line to the next checkpoint and using your gravity energy once you do so. You will find yourself taking much fewer steps so watch yourself and be on your toes! Congratulations for completing this segment of the game.

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